Jaguars RB Deji Karim - Q&A

JACKSONVILLE FL - OCTOBER 18: Running back Deji Karim #35 of the Jacksonville Jaguars runs the ball against the Tennessee Titans during the game at EverBank Field on October 18 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Thanks to the people at X-A-M Sports, Big Cat Country was given the opportunity to ask rookie running back and return specialist Deji Karim during the Jaguars bye week.

Jonathan Loesche: How did you feel when the Jaguars drafted you?

It was the greatest feelings ever and just an indescribable feeling.

Jonathan Loesche: What goes through your mind on kick returns?

One, don’t drop the ball.  Two, let’s roll. 

Jonathan Loesche: How did it feel to have such a good game vs Buffalo, being your first NFL game?

Felt great to be out there. Just to be able to play football and that being my first NFL football game able to perform like that was awesome.

Jonathan Loesche: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Contribute in any possible to get this team to the Playoffs.

kterr: What was the biggest difference to you between playing college and NFL football?

Learning the process of running routes.

kterr: Who was your favorite football player growing up?

Deion Sanders

kterr: How do you feel about the team's 4–4 start?

I sure hoped it was better but we are sitting in a position to be able to do something to have a better half.

Pickle: Been enjoying watching you. What has been the biggest surprise with being in the NFL?

I guess just actually playing on the fields in which I’ve watched superstars play and now I get to that.    

Pickle: Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

Hopefully alive, successful and playing football  -- what I love.

GAJAGFAN: What was your favorite part about going to SIU? I ask because I played for the Salukies myself in the mid-eighties! Glad to have you as a Jaguar! 

Oh cool.  My favorite things about being a Saluki was everything – the atmosphere – the people- the history – everything.

duvaljag: Just wanted to let you know I predicted the Jags would draft you and Im real glad your here. Do you feel like you can eventually become a #1 NFL RB?

Yes without a doubt.  That’s my goal and it certainly helps having Jones-Drew in front of me. 

kjones407: What has been the most valuable lesson you have learned from MJD thus far?

To be patient and to always be ready when called upon.

kujo24: How do you think you could best use your skills to help the Jaguars? 

Whatever they ask me to do I’ll do to the best of my abilities. 

Ratmfoo: This is kinda lame but... my first name is Karim so it’s pretty exciting to hear your name/my name called several times a game (and my favorite team no less)…do you know anything about your family history of your last name?

I don’t know too much about it but I’ll ask my mom and that’s cool thanks for telling me.

Surteal: How do you feel about punt returns?

Hahahahah ohhh man.  Been working at it. I need a lot of work at it.

Zoltan from Budapest: Is Maurice teaching you how to be a better back?

Oh yes for sure. He’s been teaching me the in’s and out’s of everything.

Zoltan from Budapest: How it like playing/practicing with him?

It’s an unforgettable experience. I learn something new every day and you see his heart and the will he puts into practice and the game.

Zoltan from Budapest: Byner- what’s your impression of your coach?

Great guy and I learn a lot and it’s only half way through the season.  I used to watch him when I was little.

Zoltan from Budapest: Now looks like you are ahead of Rashad in the depth chart- how is your relationship with him?

We are good.  All the backs we are like a family and we all know our role. 

Thunder64: Heard you have nine names is that true and if it is what are they?

6 Abdul-Gafar Olatokumbo Ayodeji Lamar Karim was shortened to Deji which means "pure happiness

Thunder64: What is the biggest difference between pro and college?

Learning the process of running routes.


Cool – thanks, Deji

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