Jaguars DE Aaron Morgan - Q&A

JACKSONVILLE FL - JULY 30: Aaron Morgan #53 of the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first day of Training Camp at EverBank Field on July 30 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Thanks to the people at HOF Player Representatives , Big Cat Country was given the opportunity to ask rookie defensive end Aaron Morgan during the Jaguars bye week.

Jonathan Loesche: What were your thoughts coming into training camp being an UDFA?

To make the best impression possible, and to try and set myself apart and make an impression on the coaching staff, and to show that I belong in the NFL.

Jonathan Loesche: How did it feel to make the opening day roster?

Words can not describe how I was feeling. It was definitely a dream come true. Something that I have worked my whole life to achieve. Especially as an UDFA, but I knew the organization was very fair in giving UDFA legitimate shots to make the roster.

Jonathan Loesche: Biggest difference between playing at ULM and the NFL?

The amount of preparation that goes into practice and the game each week. The level of competition of course. And the speed of the game. And the playbook is on another level then college, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Jonathan Loesche: What are your goals for the rest of the year?

To become a better player so I can be in a situation to contribute each week. To stay on the active roster for the rest of the season. And to help Jacksonville make the Playoffs any way that I can.

kterr: What advice would you give other UDFA’s attempting to make a NFL roster?

Have Faith in yourself, and your abilities. Work hard, always push yourself. Prepare not only to be at the top of your game physically, but mentally as well. And above all take it serious and be thankful and humble for the opportunity.

kjones407: What impact has Aaron Kampman had on you and the defensive line as a unit?

Aaron is a very good player, and while most people talk a good game. Aaron leads by example. He shows us what we need to be doing out there, and with some of us being young its great to have someone like him to learn from.

Zoltan from Budapest: If you could choose – where do you like playing more; as LDE or as a RDE?

RDE – Because at RDE you are going against the best lineman on the opposing team, the left Tackle. And it becomes a mano e mano grudge match to prove who is better at their job. And if you can hold your own and beat them on most plays you can really make an impact for the defense. But I like the LDE position as well. Rather I just like rushing  the quarterback, and it doesn’t matter from which side I come from to try and make an impact.

Adam Stites: What aspect of your play do you hope to improve upon the most moving forward?

My play against the run. I know that will improve with more experience, but I feel once I get better at that, then I will become a better all around football player…

Aaron Morgan

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