Oh what a week....

In this week leading up to the biggest game in Jags regular season history, I have seen a few things that have really confused me.  I have also made some discoveries that have really taken some of the fun out of the week, at least for me.  And finally, I have seen a member of our team make an ill advised statement.

The Confusion

Why do members of this great blog, Big Cat Country, continue to go to Big Blue Stampede and get in ridiculous arguments with idiots?  Leave it alone guys.  The majority of the folks on that sight do not have the sense God gave cabbage.  Don't feed them.  It is fun to have interesting football talks with other fans, but it ain't gonna happen there.  Trust me!  I had no idea of the caliber of the average Colts' fan, and only hope that what I see at BBS is not par for the course.  I doubt it is.

Loss of Fun

The very foolishness that confused me above, has taken some of the fun out of the week.  BCC has lost one of its best writers in Brian Fullford, and that makes this site a bit less than it was.  This guy that runs BBS has his own agenda, and the members of that site that are still there, are like lemming headed for the cliff.  It would not shock me that there is a nice Kool Aid party waiting for all of them on Monday morning.

Ill Advised Statement

Much like the comment about Peyton tweeted by our very own David Garrard, Jack felt the need to open mouth an insert foot.  You know how to not look like the little brother anymore...don't acknowledge the other brother.  When you have a great game and get a great QB rating, don't feel the need to take a shot at any other QB.  Act like you have been here before and its the norm.  And when an idiot reporter tries to poke at you to get a response concerning the opposing coach's efforts to generate more crowd noise, make comments like "their gonna need it", or even better, "the 12th man can really help".

The Jags and we fans want to be looked at as the top of the AFC class, then we need to assume the role, and act the part.  Don't get pulled into stupid spats, or wish for opposing players to be injured.  Leave that to the team on the way down.  Remember, its never easy to go backwards....cut them some slack!  I doubt its as fun to be a Colts fan as it is to be a Jags fan right now!

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