what we can take from this stupid loss..

With a couple less stupid/pathetic/dumb errors we made today, we could have won this game. One of the most frustrating sports games ive ever watched my team play. I know you guys are the only people who can relate to how mad i am about this loss, so im going to hold my head up high, try and believe that we can still make this, and take some of the good things we got out of this game to move on. 

1) Derek Cox played lights out, literally..he held Reggie Wayne(top 5 wr in nfl) to only 34 yards and no td. He had some clutch passes defended and stepped up when we needed him to. Dcox is looking more and more impressive every game and is definitely a starting corner. I also believe Mathis played well too..hes picked up his game as of late and is looking like almost the old Mathis we had, pretty sure he was marking Garcon, held him to 44 yards and no tds. This means that obviously, the part we lack in his our secondary coverage which was absolutely pitiful in the first half..(Considine/Middleton)-Neither of them can be starting if we want to compete with a team like INDY. Props to our corners, cause they played real good in my eyes.

2) Marcedes Lewis is LEGIT. I am in no means biased, i believe he is a top tight end no doubt..I think Gates, Clark, and maybe VDavis are the only Tight ends ahead of him, but they are all in passing dominated offenses. Marcedes continues to be clutch in moments needed, and always fights for every single yard-Thats what i love about him, he always hits it hard after making the catch, gets right back up and fiddles his shoulder pads. He is an absolute MUST-sign for next year and their is no doubt i am buying his jersey for next season. 

3) Daryl Smith continues to prove hes our best linebacker, the guys been playing real good stopping the run, and helping out in coverage. I love when he comes into get pressure, not just saying this now cause he got our only sack, but hes getting better at blitzing. 13 lone tackles today Daryl..Props brother.

4) Our special teams is solid. Aside from that absolute Bullshit call on what happened with Cox/Thomas, that honestly changed the entire game. Without that, our tackling down field from Kassim/Montell is absolutely stellar. Mike thomas' punt return was real nice to see too, finally getting a punt/kick return for td. That puts us +1 on special teams right ? Pretty sure we havent allowed any tds all year. 

5) Rashad Jennings in my eyes is a legit RB 2 for our team. I know he stacked his stats from those small dishes from DG near the end, but i like the way he runs, simple as got good vision, holds on to the ball, and hits the hole real hard. I feel like you cant blame MJD for what happened today, our Passing game has to set up the run, otherwise theyre gonna put their whole team in the box every time, its becoming to predictable just like Cj with the Titans. Maurice simple didnt have a good game because of this. Throw more Dirk your a throwing OC !

6) David Garrard had a REAL slow start due to us running almost every play. Once he picked his game up, he looked absolutely in the zone, aside from that pic too high for JHill.( he was about to get sacked and had to throw it-usually not like him) I think for us to win, we need to come out throwing the ball, give DG the confidence right off the bat, so he doesnt feel like a game manager only throwing when we NEED to throw. DG was ON in the 2nd half. And hey, congrats to Garrard for breaking the franchise leader for passing TD's..along with his 4 rushing.

7) Jason Hill seems like the same scenario Brandon Lloyd is in for this year. Brandon Lloyd was on 3 different teams before Denver this year, and has done nothing..been a bust. Comes to Denver and is simply clicking out of nowhere, with sure hands, and a WR you can just throw to while in coverage. Jason Hill had a tough time in San Fran, and maybe it just wasn't right for him there..but hey, who has been doing well in San Fran lately ? If anyone can tell me any negative things about Jason Hill since he got here, please do so, cause I've seen nothing but good. Hes made clutch catches, some on third down, and just looks like a Jaguar trying to make plays and succeeding when we throw him the ball. No drops as of yet i believe..his hands look like sure hands. I say we keep JHill, and throw him the ball more, props.

Don't think i am happy about this game, I'm simply just trying to relate the positive things we can see as of right now, as of lately from our team. I am absolutely furious about this game today, because we probably could have won it. Whatever, lets just move on, hope for some serious luck, and play both remaining games strong. 

If you actually read all of this, appreciate it and comment guys, GO JAGS.

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