Jacksonville's Starting Lineups Of 2011

This week, much of the positive talk has centered around the positive improvement of the team in certain areas while the negative talk has centered around the utter failures at another.  So in the spirit of both, I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone thought the starting lineups will be next year.  Now I'm all for outside the box, but lets assume that Tom Brady ends up somehow playing on the Jaguars at Quarterback next year.   On a different tangent, feel free to place a rookie card down, and if you would like throw in a name and/or a round that you'd like to see the player selected.  Free agency is also an option.  Also, feel free to throw in backups names for positions like QB or RB and lets stay with 4 WRs. 

My Starting Line-Up 2011

Offense: Not a lot of Question Marks among the skill positions.  The only competitions I could foresee is a potential QB battle between Garrard and I higher round draft pick  and the interior line having to compete with possible rookies as well.  However, as long as they stay healthy they have kept their starting roles for 2011, but 2012 will probably be the end of the line for some. 

QB: David Garrard (1st String)

Backup: Pat Devlin (Rookie 2nd-3rd Round: When I saw the speedy release, size, and arm that Devlin had in just one game I was convinced that he'd be worth a 2nd round pick.)


RB2: Rashad Jennings

FB: Greg Jones

LT: Monroe

G1, 2: Vince and Uche (interior line would be a good place for a late round prospect)

C: Meester (center is an interesting position that would be nice to address but is not one of the most pressing needs on the team, and could probably wait another year, plus Estes has drawn positive reviews)

RT: Britton

TE1: Marcedes Lewis (Pay the Man)

TE2: Zach Miller

WR: 1. MSW (Pay him too)

WR2: Mike Thomas

WR3: Jason Hill

WR4: Jarrett Dillard

I expect Jason Hill vs Dillard to be one of the most important matchups of training camp next year, because the winner will see a lot of playing time, while the loser, not so much.  I have a good feeling about Hill, and as one person on this site alluded too he could be our version of Brandon Lloyd, a bust in the wrong situation but a star in the other. 

On another note, with the emergence and depth of our wide receivers along with the probable drafting of a more passing quarterback we may see the development of a more west coast offense that takes advantage of the speed that the offense possesses.  

In this case, consider the offensive diversity that the Jaguars could achieve, one second pound the living crap out of you the next a finesse Manning-like attack.  Almost like a San Diego of a few years ago with LT plus Rivers but with arguably better receivers.  Plus you have the whole Gates Lewis analogy.

Starting Defense 2011:

1DE's: Kampman Mincey 

DT: Knighton, Alualu, Smith rotates in

LBs: Smith as a definite starter, Durant and Morrison as question marks.  I'd like to see a rookie drafted around round 4-5 especially one that excels in pass defense.  Almost like a big strong safety that could maybe come in as a 3rd down backer.  

CBs: Cox is coming on strong, while Mathis' return is a major question mark.  He reminds me of a John Henderson, a guy who has a little left in the tank, but not enough to contribute to a team on the ascent.  However, there is a chance he is moved to free safety, where he may excel.   I'd like to see our 3rd-4th round pick on another corner and I'd really like to see David Jones in the nickel.  

SS: Greene and a cheap Free Agent Aquisition or late round rookie as a backup.  Good-Bye Considine, but if you must stay lets just keep you on special teams. 

FS: Rookie/Free Agent: While there has been talk about Mathis switching to FS I don't see it as a real consideration from the Jaguars organization as they have never hinted at it in the past.  I would like our 1st round pick to be spent on a FS unless there is a extremely good QB, LB, or CB available in the draft. 

Kicker and punter remain the same.  

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