Injury Report - Thursday Dec. 23, 2010 (taken from with my editorial licensing


Jacksonville Jaguars

Justin Durant, LB - No Practice (Groin)

Maurice Jones-Drew, RB - No Practice (Knee)

Mike Sims-Walker, WR - No Practice (Ankle)

Justin Smiley, G - No Practice (Head)

Jordan Black, OT - Limited Practice (Ankle)

Courtney Greene, S - Limited Practice (Shoulder)

Greg Jones, FB - Limited Practice (Back)

Terrance Knighton, DT - Limited Practice (Back)

Austen Lane, DE - Limited Practice (Knee)

Vince Manuwai, G - Limited Practice (Foot)





 Washington Redskins

Brandon Banks, WR - No Practice (Knee)

Kedric Golston, DE - No Practice (Groin/Elbow)

Kareem Moore, S - No Practice (Knee)

Brian Orakpo, LB - No Practice (Groin/Hamstring)

Lorenzo Alexander, LB - Limited Practice (Knee)

Anthony Bryant, NT - Limited Practice (Back)

Reed Doughty, S - Limited Practice (Head)

Rocky McIntosh, LB - Limited Practice (Hamstring)

Macho Harris, S - Full Practice (Hip) (love the name, I actually have an uncle named Macho who is a Costa Rican Premier Division soccer coach - Puntarenas I believe.

Donovan McNabb, QB - Full Practice (Feelings)  Feelings are a little better today.  He's gone through the stages of grief like a true pro:  Denial, Anger, Bargaining.  Tomorrow, I expect he'll show up to work unshowered and drinking rancid milk while walking the streets of Ashburn which will constitute Depression, and then Acceptance on Saturday as he gets confirmation that the direct deposit did in fact hit the bank.  Not the way to go into the Christmas holidays. 

Casey Rabach, C - Full Practice (Knee)

Mike Sellers, FB - Full Practice (Calf)


What I take from this:  Smiley seems like a no go.  Concussions are the en vogue injury now.   

Also, as was evidenced in the Vikings game, declarations of out really don't mean jack squat.  If the guy can "needle up" he's a go. 

Personally I think Durant, MSW, Smiley out; MJD questionable and Greene a game-time decision.  I think Hill may get quite a bit of PT Sunday, which would be nice to see.  We need to see if some of these guys are ready to carry an increased workload. 


On the Skins side Doughty out, Orakpo doubtful, Moore and Banks questionable. 

Word is Keenan McCardell may have to suit up. 

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