Aimless Meanderings: Garrard is who we thought he was

David Garrard: Not quite top 10 Quarterback of the Decade

Of the 142 quarterbacks drafted since 2000, David Garrard is:
11th in Games Played (86)
9th in Passing Yards (16,003)
10th in Completions (1,406)
10th in Attempts (2,281)
13th in Completion Percentage (61.64%)
13th in Yards per Pass Attempt (out of QBs with at least 1 season of starting experience): 7.016 Yards/Att
11th in Touchdown Passes (89)
14th in Interceptions (54)
2nd in Rushing Yards (1,746)
2nd in Rushing Touchdowns (17)
10th in Career Approximate Value (52)*
13th in Career Approximate Value per Season (5.778)

Perhaps we’re forgetting what we knew about David Garrard heading into the season: he is inconsistent.  One week he’ll surprise us and play at a near All-Pro level, and the next he’ll blow it with a stupid sack.  He’s a mid-tier QB, a “game manager”.  If I told you to spend a 4th round pick on a quarterback that would be between the 10th-15th best quarterback of a decade, would you do it?  I would.

What I wouldn’t do, however, is give up on drafting quarterbacks for 7 years.  There have been plenty of flameouts.  42 of the 143 drafted quarterbacks didn’t even complete a pass in the regular season, and many of those guys are OOF (Out of Football).  But you have to keep swinging on Quarterbacks.

Some may think I’m trying to be a Garrard apologist, but I’m not apologizing for his up and down play.  I merely stating that maybe we just remember who David Garrard is.  A guy that week in week out will either win you a game or lose it for you.  That’s why the running game is so important for the Jags.  David, at his best, operates with minimal touches.  Unfortunately he didn’t have that luxury this past week.

Personal Rant: Game Manager
I hate the term game manager.  No, I don’t think it’s demeaning to players.  It’s just the definition of the word “manager” is, to me, contradictory to the term thrown on limited, middle of the road quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning is a game manager.  He directs the offense and distributes (delegates?) the ball like very few players in history.  I think there needs to be either a redefining of the term “Game Manager” or additional descriptive words.

Game General – Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees
Game Colonel -  Philip Rivers, Aaron Rodgers
Game Manager – David Garrard, Matt Schaub
Game Assistant Manager – Carson Palmer, Ryan Fitzpatrick
Game Associate – Mark Sanchez, Derek Anderson
Game Unemployment – Daunte Culpepper
Game Social Security Recipient – *fingers crossed* 2011 Brett Favre

Quarterback play has never been better?
This year 22 of the leagues 32 primary starters have a QB rating over 80 (68%).  In 1990 only 10 of 28 had a QB rating over 80 (35%).

Is it that quarterback play is that much better, or it’s never been easier to be a quarterback?  Your wide receivers are no longer mugged at the line of scrimmage, defenders are flagged for breathing on your receivers, and if your name is Manning or Brady the defender trying to sack you is flagged for looking at you the wrong way.  Either way, I think the NFL would be wise to pump the breaks on the pass happiness of the league, but fans like big plays.  Or do they (see Pittsburgh v Baltimore).

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