QB Prospects for the 2011 draft

A member in another FanPost requested some scouting reports for the quarterbacks coming out in this years draft. With Andrew Luck being a huge longshot for us, I won't post anything on him and focus on QB's who could possibly fall to us.


Cameron Newton - Auburn - 6'6" 250 LBs -



Pros - Great athlete, Strong Arm, Above average accuracy, Tough, Good Mechanics, Has lots of potential

Cons - Learns at a slow rate, Needs to go through his reads, character issues?, never played in a pro style offense. Not much experience at the FBS level.

Compared to Vince Young, he is a highly athletic quarterback but many not be able to adjust to a pro style offense. If taught right, could be a very dangerous QB in the pros.




Jake Locker - Washington - 6'3" 230 LBs -



Pros:  Mobile, Above Average Arm Strength, Good Mechanics, Coached Well, Played in a pro style offense

Cons:  Not ideal accuracy, Locks on to one receiver, Hasn't been a winner in the college level, bad pocket presence

Very strong prospect, has all the tools to become a great Quarterback, just needs to be coached up some more and learn the game a little better.


Ryan Mallett - Arkansas - 6'7" 238 LBs -



Pros: Elite Arm, Good Release Point,, Comfortable in the pocket, Very good with the play action fake, Has good upside. Has all the physical tools.

Cons: Not mobile, Bad decision maker, Not accurate, Trusts his arm too much and makes questionable throws,  Needs to improve footwork, Not good against elite college competition, Character concerns.



Christian Ponder - Florida State - 6'3 227 LBs -



Pros: Good Pocket Awareness, Good Mechanics, A Leader, Accurate, Mobile, Good Arm Strength

Cons: Decision Making, Sometimes stares down receivers, High Passes, Poor Play Action

The thing about Ponder is he is good at most things a Quarterback does, but isn't exceptional in any areas. I do like him as a prospect and with time I think he could be a good starter in the NFL.


Pat Devlin - Delaware - 6'4" 220 LBs -



Pros: Good size, Tough Player, Good Pocket Awareness, Good arm strength, Good accuracy, Nice touch on passes

Cons: Not enough zip on deep ball, Slow release, Level of Competition, Sometime throws the ball up for grabs.


Ricky Stanzi - Iowa - 6'4" 230 LBs - 



Pros: Quick Release, Good Arm Strength, Steps up in the pocket, Keeps eyes down field, Can throw on the run, Goes through his reads, Plays in a Pro Style Offense, A Leader.

Cons: Inconsistent with footwork and accuracy, Holds on to the ball too long, Often stares down receivers, Hasn't won big games.


Nick Foles - Arizona - 6'5" 245 LBs -



Pros: Good size, Quick Release, Pocket Mobility, Calm under pressure, Good accuracy, Good Arm Strength, Good touch on passes

Cons: Struggles to read defenses, Checks Down Often, Stares down receivers way too often, Poor Footwork, Lazy with Mechanics.


Blaine Gabbert - Missouri - 6'5" 235 LBs -



Pros: Prototypical Size, Very good arm strength, Accurate on the move, Good Accuracy, Quick Release, Good Mechanics, Leader

Cons: Plays in the spread, Throws ball up for grabs under pressure, Locks onto receivers, Forces throws when he could scramble.



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