A little perspective please..

When I say Garrad is "one of the better QBs in the league" I mean he is just that a top 16 QB.

Is DG an elite QB.. NO but does he fall into the bottom half of starting QBs in the league NO.

Making him "one of the better QBs in the league".. NOTE I NEVER SAID BEST... I said Better. I know I would rather have DG than about 16 other starters in the league. So bag on DG all you want he isn't solely responsible for the teams failings.. In some cases with his big size, he has been able to do things other QBs can't or won't do. Ever think if not for the times he has turned the game around on a QB sneak or other play.. we wouldn't even be in the fight in Dec the last few years..? How many loses were caused by a complete failure of the special teams or defense... I can guarantee that number is has high as any you can put purely on DG's shoulders.

I admit I hate the mediocre seasons and December let downs too.. But can you imagine if we had the records of Browns, Rams, or Lions the last few years?

It goes back to the parity of the league.. the NFL maybe a QB driven league, but its still a TEAM Sport. 

VERY FEW QBS are in the elite category. Elite Qbs are so good that make average WRs look elite, are hard to defend so it opens thier running game. Defenses don't blitz as much so O-lines look better than they are. They can score at will so a bad defense can be band aided over. That said, Marino proved having an ELITE QB and a terrible Defense doesn't win you superbowls or playoff games. Same can be said for Dan Fouts, Jim Kelly, etc..

Then there are those teams with an ELITE QB and good WR Corps, Oline, defense and special teams. It's the team around them picking it up and putting on thier back with great defense and special teams play. You find they are the teams that win Super Bowls and are consistantly in the playoffs. Like your Tom Bradys..

In the middle are the QBs like DG not elite, but good, yet don't have solid core around them, or a terrible defense that makes them have to put up 30 points a game to match the inept defense. Etc.. When the TEAM plays at the best of thier game they can manage the game and look like a god, and when the team has a bad day he looks like a goat.

These are the teams that can be either 6-10 or 10-6 depending on injuries, special team play, etc.. These teams often make it to the Superbowl or playoffs. With or without an Elite QB (Doug Williams and the Redskins come to mind). Like it or not that's what the Jags are. 

So, we need to keep our expectations in check, we are not an ELITE team. But we are WORKING ON IT.. We need a lot more pieces than a QB to become Elite. In the upcoming draft we desperately need a shut down corner, some safeties, a brusier RB to back up MJD, O-line help in the center and guard position AND a QB. Using Gene's BAP strategy, he will look at what we have on the team, whats on the board and who the BAP player is for us.

Would it be great to draft an ELITE QB.. OF COURSE.. BUT Rarely does one KNOW a player will be that player in the draft. A LOT of first round draft picks have been busts.  

For every Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers, John Elway there is a Heath Shuler, Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, etc.... on the other hand you occasionally get a Tom Brady or Dan Marino in the other rounds. That comes from scouting.. and I trust Gene that if he doesn't get a QB next year in the first round.. but has a QB on the board in the 2nd or 3rd round it will be a quality player that will fit this team and could be the next Matt Ryan. We just have to trust Gene.

NONE of us can say who we should get, NONE of us can say any QB on the draft board would be any better than DG next year. If we could we would be NFL scouts, and personnel guys. Last I checked no one here has been hired by a NFL team to evaluate talent. That's Genes' job..

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