Aimless Meanderings: Fire the Coach Part Deux

This post isn't for or against firing anyone.  This is merely pointing out something some of us had said, but I don't think we'd ever looked at.

Tom Coughlin was coach of the Jaguars for 8 seasons.  In those 8 seasons his regular season record was 68-60 (0.531).  Jack Del Rio has been coach of the Jaguars for 7 15/16 seasons.  His regular season record is 65-62 (0.512).

Tom Coughlin 9+ Win Seasons: 4
Jack Del Rio 9+ Win Seasons: 3 (Possibly 4 if the Jags win Sunday)

On paper they’re success has been pretty similar during the regular season.  However, Tom had success in the playoffs, but Jack hasn’t.

Players, Not Plays

I love profootballreference.  Using their player “Career Approximate Value”, they attempt to place values on every players season (a grade) since 1950.

Using their grading system, I’ve taken the Jags top 25 players in the last 16 years.  I firmly suspected that Coughlin would have a huge advantage when it came to not only the quality of players, but also the number that “served” under him versus Del Rio.  I was right in a way and wrong.

Jaguars Top 25 Players (per profootballreference)
1.    Jimmy Smith (1995-2005) – Coughlin had him for 8 seasons, Del Rio for 3
2.    Fred Taylor (1998-2008) – Coughlin had him for 5 seasons, Del Rio for 6.
3.    Mark Brunell (1995-2003) – Coughlin had him for 8 seasons, Del Rio had him for 3 games before he was traded.
4.    John Henderson (2002-2009) – Coughlin had him for 1 season, Del Rio for 7.
5.    Tony Boselli (1995-2001) – Coughlin had him for 7 seasons.
6.    Keenan McCardell (1996-2001) – Coughlin had him 6 seasons.
7.    Brad Meester (2000-2010) – Coughlin had him 3 seasons, Del Rio 8 seasons
8.    Rashean Mathis (2003-2010) – Del Rio 8 seasons
9.    Marcus Stroud (2001-2007) – Coughlin 2 seasons, Del Rio 7 seasons
10.    David Garrard (2002-2010) – Coughlin 1 season, Del Rio 8
11.    Tony Brackens (1996-2003) – Coughlin 7 seasons, Del Rio 1 season
12.    Donovan Darius (1998-2006) – Coughlin 5 seasons, Del Rio 4
13.    Kevin Hardy (1996-2001) – Coughlin 6 seasons
14.    Maurice Williams (2001-2009) – Coughlin 2 seasons, Del Rio 7
15.    Maurice Jones-Drew (2006-2010) – Del Rio 4 seasons
16.    Daryl Smith (2004-2010) – Del Rio 7 seasons
17.    Mike Peterson (2003-2008) – Del Rio 6 seasons
18.    Paul Spicer (2001-2008) – Coughlin 2 years, Del Rio 6 years
19.    Vince Manuwai (2003-2009) – Del Rio 8 seasons
20.    Kyle Brady (1999-2006) – Coughlin 4 seasons, Del Rio 4
21.    Leon Searcy (1996-1999) – Coughlin 4 years
22.    Chris Naeole (2002-2007) – Coughlin 1 year, Del Rio 5 years
23.    Rob Meier (2000-2008) – Coughlin 3 years, Del Rio 6
24.    Khalif Barnes (2005-2008) – Del Rio 4 years
25.    Aaron Beasley (1996-2001) – Coughlin 6 seasons

In the top 10 Coughlin has an advantage.  He had Boselli, Brunell, and Jimmy Smith for practically his whole stay in Jacksonville.  He had Fred for 5 years (even though he was injured quite a bit early).  Del Rio benefitted from Taylor more than Coughlin did, and Coughlin didn’t have much time with Henderson.

Notice one thing though: All of those players in the Jags top 5 were acquired before Del Rio became head coach.  In the top 10 only Rashean Mathis was acquired during Del Rio’s reign.  The rest are Coughlin players.

Overall, Coughlin acquired 19 of the Jaguars top 25 players in the past 16 seasons.  He and Jack have both had 8 seasons under their belt.  Del Rio wasn’t getting a solid, consistent infusion of youth until the past 2 seasons.  That being said, Coughlin had the top 25 a combined 81 seasons.  Del Rio had them 109 seasons.

This post isn’t about developing talent, coaching schemes, or coaching decisions.  It’s merely an observation, in a different way, about how hard the Jags talent situation had gotten.

PS – These rankings I took straight from profootballreference.  I think they’re a good snapshot, but of course everything is debatable.

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