2010 DraftTek's Mock Draft: Jaguars Selections is a really cool draft site if you have never been there. They allow you to make your own mocks based off team needs and their computer fills all team slots for you based off of their Big Board. They recently did a 2010 Consensus Mock Draft. I have included the Jaguars selections, those selections value as of their Big Board and also some video I found of the players. I would be "pleased as punch"-as my kinfolk say-if the Jaguars came away with this draft.

I hope you enjoy Mocks as much as I do, but I do have to admit that pre-combine mocks can be a waste of time. Regardless, we have an itch, so lets scratch it.

Round 1

11) Dez Bryant, WRF (Featured WR), OK State

+2, Value Selection

DraftTek Reasoning:  Tim Tebow kissed his 1st round prospects goodbye at the Senior Bowl, so hello Garrard and here's your bonus: the best WR in the draft. Maurice can be Jones-Drew or Drew-Jones, as this should help remove the 8th defender out of the box. - Long Ball, DOF

My Take: Bryant is incredible. He has been out a year, research it if you want. He's trained with Deon Sanders. He runs aggresively. He goes up for the ball in a way similar to Larry Fitzgerald. I've never been a WR-in-the-first-round type guy, but if I was ever going to be, it would be for Dez Bryant. Today's game is changing.

Round 2-->traded to New England for Derek Cox in 2009

Round 3

75) Reshad Jones, SS, Georgia

-3, Reach Selection

My Take: I like this guy a lot. He brings hit power and he's fast. We need intensity, he can help. Although, the combine will probably move his value upwards.

Round 4

106) Jevon Snead, QB, Mississippi (Ole Miss)

-15, Reach Selection

My Take and Video Excuse: It's not as easy to find Snead highlights. Spring of 2009 saw Snead in discussion for a top-15 selection in 2010 if he chose to come out. He finished his bowl game as the starter but was benched in the game. In my opinion, Snead has footwork and decision-making issues, but it comes with a nice arm. 

Round 5

137) Dekoda Watson, OLB (4-3), Florida State.... Jersey Number 36 in the Highlights

+26, Value Selection

My Take: I'm ignorant, but I like LBers that tackle.

Round 6

171) D'Anthony Smith, DT (4-3), Louisiana Tech

+38, Value

Check 1:41, and Smith is #5

My Take: First of all, WOW that there is video!  Smith seems strong and purposeful in his movements. In the video, you can see him play DE and DT, and as we all know, versatility adds value. Value is what teams are after. I wonder if he will really drop this far. After watching the film, his discipline in containing his gaps is obvious. I want this player, he could be this years Terrance Knighton. He will be on Gene's radar and we may need to take him in round 4 or 5. I would take him over Snead, for what it's worth.

Round 7-->traded to Tampa Bay for QB Josh McCown in 2009


Mock drafts are how I familiarize myself with players. I see them and then research them. If anyone has any extra info on these guys (like Jonathan no doubt will for the FSU linebacker), please add. I want to learn and you probably do too.


-Brandon Clark

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