My day at Florida's Pro Day

 Today, I skipped school and went to Florida's pro day, (after being granted parental permission of course). I expected to see most of the Graduating Gators do drills and observe the scouts/GMs/team representatives do their business on the field. Here's some of my observations and thoughts.

Pre-Drill Thoughts

  • It was a overcast day, rainy but not windy. Good enough weather for drills but the field looked a little worn.
  • Whoever decided the concession stands wouldn't do hot chocolate today and only coffee is out of touch. And a cup of coffee was $2.50 which was noticeably higher than market value.

During-Drill Thoughts and Observations

  • The 40 yard dash was the first drill. TE Aaron Hernandez was the first player I used my phone's stopwatch for; He got about a 4.47 40 time.
  • DB Joe Haden was next and I clocked him as 4.46 which is much better than his previous time. I kinda knew his scouting combine time was a fluke.
  • LB Brandon Spikes is alot faster on TV than in real life. He ran a flat 5.00 according to my stopwatch which narrowly beat Terrence Cody's time. This hurt his stock a bit.
  • There were players from JU, and I believe Jackson State who participated in all the drills. It kinda made sense, who would go to JU's pro day?
  • C/G Maurkice Pouncey was the only O-Lineman to do drills. Interesting enough, Jaguars coach Andy Heck was the coach conducting the drills. Another suggestion to a trade back Candidate?
  • Tim Tebow was of course the main attraction. Tebow did throwing drills with WR's David Nelson and Riley Cooper, who helped his draft stock today. I observed a much quicker throwing motion. The ball is not going past the waist and does not resemble a baseball motion. He is keeping the motion good by purposely holding the ball higher. However, I did see a couple wobbly balls and shoelace throws. Tebow will almost never overthrow a WR but will underthrow them if the ball isn't accurate. Footwork looked good. The questions will be decided upon when he has pressure on him.

Guests/Head Coaches/V.I.P.'s that attended

  • Cleveland's GM Mike Holmgren - Talked to Tebow for a while, looked very interested in how Tebow was doing.
  • Jaguars' GM Gene Smith was seen talking intently on his phone after the Pouncey Drills.
  • Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin was also here. A Steelers fan was heard asking Tomlin's personal scout, "Did you write down the times, good?". In reply the scout said, "I always do."
  • Giants' Coach Tom Coughlin attended, a Giants fan was heard screaming, "Pick anyone here, Tom!"
  • The most noticeable scouts were from the Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, Panthers, Jags, Patroits, Dolphins, and Steelers. I may have forgotten a couple but you get the idea.
  • Percy Harvin and some other unidentified ex-gators came. My autograph-aholic cousin got plenty of Percy Harvin autographs.

After-Drills Thought

  • Toddlers, during Tebow's throwing drills, constantly were shouting, "Tebow!!!", "Mr. Tebow, come here!!!!", and "TIMMMMMM!" in desperate attempts on persuading Tim to come for autographs. Tim waved and the crowd was quiet for a couple seconds then continue. Later, he told everyone he couldn't sign autographs but he did a hand touch with everyone along the wall.

That's about all I can remember. Ask me about anyone or anything specifically if not mentioned above.


Have a wonderful Tim Tebow Day,

TheTealDeal, C.E.C.

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