Blair’s Offseason Thoughts, Worded in a Less than Desirable Way


In a world where I can’t get enough football, there exists three things: my thoughts, my beer, and my two favorite football blog sites (for my own purposes, this counts as one thing). Offseason is traditionally a time of lamenting and gnashing of teeth, and I can’t wait until the draft so I can be happy. Withdrawals have set in, now in full effect, and my dreams are haunted by thoughts of another losing season. I want my team to win, and I want them to win now!

Patience has never been a virtue I really cared for, and well when the collapse of 2008 took place, I hung my head in shame. My favorite team had gone from promise and glory to shambles in less than a year. Then I was left to pick up the pieces of my hope. Amidst the clouds where my imagination lingered, the sky turned black very quickly. Rebuilding… no one enjoys hearing that word as a football fan.

Now the 2010 season is right around the corner—that’s when the action picks up—and our hopes get lifted together in a festive toast to a great season. By season’s end, we’ll be either sick of getting wasted on Sundays and passing out in a dark closet or we’ll be rejoicing at the nearest bar, proudly sporting as much Jaguars attire as our monthly budgets can support.

But that’s where it ends. The reality of it all is that the offseason is still ongoing. The draft is close, the picks will fall where they may, and then the dreaded dead-zone happens. After the draft, our attention will focus solely on our respective picks, and then when we run out of pros and cons for each, we will slowly begin to start drinking more (some of us will). We’ll begin to debate menial issues and listen to Blair’s random thoughts typed in a post, and our world will become numb. It’s just that football is such a large strand in our life’s brown-haired weave (it can be blonde or black, no worries).

I’ll tell you this though… with the first snap of the season, Jaguar fans from all over the world (like Budapest) will jump up and down like silly little girls, all in excitement for what we hope will be a season of glory… but will probably end in 10-6 at best.

All we hope for is a chance. Whether that chance comes by way of paying off the referees or by getting Jaxson De Ville to take out Peyton Manning from his blind side, I could care less. Whatever it takes to win, we will find it. I don’t have patience, and I want to see some ass whuppins’. My liver and kidneys are taking the brunt of so much losing, and sometimes… well… I want to drink a beer without the salty tears.  

For now, my thoughts, my beer, and my two favorite blog sites are going to have to do.


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