Mock Draft 2010




I'll put who I think they will pick as the selection, followed by who I would pick. I'm not predicting trades. This is an "as is" Mock Draft. I did my best to choose who I think the team will select and tried to stay with talent over positional value and I found that to be more entertaining :)


1) St. Louis Rams-

Sam Bradford

QB, Oklahoma


When drafting first overall, it is more pertinent than ever to choose the Best Player Available. The problem is that the league has become such a QB-driven environment that positional value trumps talent in this particular instance. Suh will drop and the defensive-minded coach will fix that side on his own and let the offense benefit from talent. 


My Take: Unfortunately, I can't logically disagree.


2) Detroit Lions-

Ndamukong Suh

DT, Nebraska


LT to protect the QB or a DT to cause problems for the other team and keep the score low? What would you do? What will they do? I think they do BPA and choose Suh.


My Take: Suh is a rare specimen. He is nearly beyond comprehension. I can't ignore the talent over the positional value and I would choose this same pick.


3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

Gerald McCoy

DT, Oklahoma


At this point, you sign with OK out of high school because you know they're doing something right over there. I think the Buc's take McCoy mainly because they've nearly come out and said it. The NFL's most allowing run defense (158.2, nearly a perfect QB rating worth of yards) needs some help stopping the run and McCoy is a great DT. He breaks double teams, pushes guys backwards, and holds his ground. He is fierce. The problem is that he is no Suh, and that is the only problem. 


My Take: The Buc's get a great, nasty defender here and who doesn't want that? I put a premium on lineman, so Eric Berry falls again.


4) Washington Redskins-

Trent Williams

OT, Oklahoma


Remember that Dan Snyder is not drafting this year. It's his best draft decision during his tenure. I think the Redskins try to soak all they can out of this draft slot and take Williams, who has more potential than any other OT in this draft. He just needs some coaching on mental awareness and footwork. 


My Take: I'm caught between Okung (the safe pick) and Williams (the more talented but less aware pick). I like Williams and I think his nastiness and determination will get him this selection. Washington will probably coach him up to be better than Okung.


5)Kansas City Chiefs-

Rolando McClain

ILB, Alabama


Scott Pioli, once again, attempts to recreate New England. He drafts his version of Tedy Bruschi and everyone wonders how the Chiefs board works....again. He really doesn't worry overdrafting. They might draft down to get him, but who really wants to trade into the top-5? You lose so much money and not to mention the draft picks. 


My Take: I do really believe this will happen and I feel it adds a force to the defense and a great leader and a slow player that will get beat in coverage, a lot.


6)Seattle Seahawks-

Russel Okung

LT, Oklahoma State


This is a fairly easy selection, unless they love Bulaga (Iowa LT). Okung is a clean, easy, and safe selection. Carrol doesn't want a shaky start, I mean a shakier start. I predict the safe bet selection and a way to help Hasselbeck last.


My Take: A great pick. Lineman are a premium and Seattle had a great one for a long time. A new time has come and a big hole is left. Okung is a big man and while he is not Walter Jones, his presence will be heavily appreciated in Seattle.


7)Cleveland Browns-

Eric Berry

S, Tennessee 


A top-3 talent gets selected at 7. Berry will change their defense. The Browns finished ranked 29th against the pass and 28th against the rush in the NFL. This pick can help both categories.


My Take: They don't need a LT. They need a S, but they also need a QB. Is this some of the best smoke screening ever? Do they really like Clausen (Notre Dame QB). New head man in charge, Mike Holmgreen said that he wished he liked Clausen more. He signed Jake Delhomme out of Free Agency. He traded for a backup QB that knows his system (Syneca Wallace from the Seahawks). This is either blunt and obvious or an impressive setup to fool us. Berry is more talented than Clausen but QB can impact a game more than S and the drop-off from Clausen to other passers ability to immediately impact the game is higher than Berry to the other safeties. Berry is far above but Clausen is a polished clean prospect . Berry is a good fit, regardless.


8)Oakland Raiders-

Jason Pierre-Paul



Oakland drafts more athletes. They really didn't get the most fitting name in the Oakland area. Owner Al Davis is infatuated with athletic specimens. Ex: QB Jamarcus Russell can throw the ball a "country mile", but can't run an offense.DRAFTED!! WR Darrius Heyward-Bey can run under a 4.3 second 40-yard dash. DRAFTED!! Jason Pierre-Paul is 6'5" and 270 pounds. He played two years of junior college and only one year of Div. I, but....he can do 23 backflips. DRAFTED!!


My Take: Unproven talent. Athletically amazing. I understand the pick.


9) Buffalo Bills-

Bryan Bulaga

LT, Iowa


A great LT for a team that is meeting both a need at the position and value at the draft slot. Bulaga could start for years and protect the blind side for whomever wins the QB job.


My Take: A great pick. Quarterback is a need and Clausen is available. I hope they don't regret passing on Clausen, but he would get the David Carr/Joey Harrington syndrome in Buffalo right now. Clausen is a serious consideration here. New regimes like to have "their guy" at QB and Clausen would be new coach Chan Gailey's "guy", but Bulaga is a smart choice for a franchise that has some building to do. NT Dan Williams would be a good pick as well. LT is just in such bad shape and Bulaga is so good. The pick almost makes too much sense. 


10) Jacksonville Jaguars-

Brian Price



Price brings youth to the Jags at DT, who brought in rookie DT Terrance Knighton last season. Knighton would go on to start the entire season next to Big John Henderson. Price is a penetrating DT that should scare a lot of OG's at the next level. Price would be perfect next to the run stuffing Knighton. Price might even provide an exit for Henderson. There was some disruption last year with Henderson's work exit. It's claimed to have been fixed...


My Take: I think it's a great pick. As I've said before, I put a premium on linemen. It's hard to find good, big guys and you take them when you can. Joe Haden is another possible selection as is Jimmy Clausen. I think the Jaguars are monetarily commited to David Garrard and plan to draft a QB at anywhere besides here. Haden would be less effective because the D-line is not yet fixed. Once you fix your lines, then you move on to other positions. Now, the real debate. Should this have been Dan Williams? No, the Jags need pass rushers and run stoppers. Price is a much better pass rusher. He's a big nasty who wraps up his tackles. The Jaguars need to see that in person.

EDIT: I decided to add a video of Brian Price, just in case you haven't seen him yet.



11) Denver Broncos-

Dez Bryant

WR, Oklahoma State


Bryant is an amazing receiver that attacks the ball. Bryant has been compared to Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. Johnson because of his toughness and initiation of contact (I saw a little Anquan Boldin) and Fitzgerald because of his ability to get great body position to catch the ball. Bryant is a top talent. The problem is that Bryant has been known to show up 15 minutes late for practice, and for games. I hope it all works out. Here's a sexy pick and it could and should be a good one.


My Take: I would take Dan Williams to man that 3-4 Defense. I'm placing a premium on linemen once again. However, Bryant could be great for the Broncos and for McDaniels. He is a great playmaker, I'm thoroughly impressed with him. I just don't like WR's in the first, but Bryant is a top-10 talent, easy.


12)Miami Dolphins-

Dan Williams

NT, Tennessee


This selection will give Miami a NT of the future. Ferguson will be 36 in November. It's almost too easy to pick this one. That worries me.


My Take: Excellent choice. The Nose Tackle position is one of great importance in the 3-4. It may be the most important, if Rush Linebacker isn't. Stay Young and Stay Competitive. The Eagles showed us the ugly side of that truth this off-season. Watch how it works this year.


13)San Francisco 49ers-

Joe Haden

CB, Florida


San Francisco can stop the run, they finished 6th in the league, but they can't stop the pass (21st in the league). Joe Haden is glue to the reciever. The niners should be happy with this much value here. They don't take Clausen because they want to win now. The division is weak and they can do it. Rookie QB's set you back.


My Take: It's a smart pick. A possible lock down corner at 13, I would be happy. Not to mention how bad the niners needed this position....


14)Seattle Seahawks-

Jimmy Clausen

QB, Notre Dame


Seattle had no idea that this was possible. A franchise LT and QB in the same draft. That trade last year was brilliant, now. Clausen may not have won a lot of games but he can play in the clutch. He can play injured. He wants to win and will not relent until the game is over. 


My Take: Pete Carrol should be rejoicing over this, regardless of prior moves this off-season. I don't get the negativity over Clausen. I truly am at a loss. I've done my research. He's fantastic. The only negative is his ego, well that's helping Philip Rivers make the Pro Bowl. Ego is healthy if you back it up with good play. Clausen had 28 TD's and 4 INT's in 2009 behind an "ok" line and in a Pro-Style offense that was given to him by Charlie Weiss who was the O-Coordinator for the Pats when the won two Super Bowls. Some say Clausen has hit his ceiling, well that's still an upgrade for a lot of teams. Besides, he may still get better.


15)New York Giants-

Derrick Morgan

DE, Georgia Tech


New York won the Super Bowl because of their pass-rush ability---and a really crazy play. The pass rush can always use an upgrade. Maybe Morgan doesn't start this year or the next, but youth at one of the most important positions in the NFL is always a good thing and having a guy that could go top-10 as a backup is a smile on the face of any coach, especially when that guy can harass the QB in a rotation of QB harassers (Is that a word?).


My Take: The Pass Rush late this season and next year would be intimidating to opposing teams. It's a scary thought what they could do to Romo, Kolb, and especially McNabb behind that worn down line in Washington. Great Pick.


16) Tennessee Titans-

C.J. Spiller

RB, Clemson


Have fun, NFL!  Signed, the first duo to rush for 2,500 yards in a season and who knows what they would receive. This is more than likely the top-rated player on most teams boards at this spot. Spiller is a score waiting to happen. He is explosive. He returns, he recieves, and he's a RB too. 


My Take: I almost want this to happen. This would be as close to legally cheating as possible in the draft. Almost as bad as the Steelers of old "losing" tapes of certain unkown players that became impact guys and the rest of the league being forced to be blind to these guys, therefore passing on them. But, other than that, this would be as close to cheating. Imagine the split-back formation....


17)San Francisco 49ers-

Sergio Kindle

OLB, Texas


Their defense will be magical. Two top-flight defensive prospects to add to Patrick Willis' Defensive Experience. In two years time, the Niners could be known as the fiercest defense in all the NFL, courtesy of good drafting and Mike Singletary's eyes. Kindle's aggressiveness will definitely catch Singletary's eyes.


My Take: I can't wait to watch. It's exciting to imagine. I really wanna see this.


18)Pittsburgh Steelers-

Kyle Wilson

CB, Boise State


The Steelers make an immediate upgrade at the cornerback position with Wilson. Wilson has outstanding speed and awareness. Wilson has the potential to make head turning plays. He will make people wonder why he fell this far.


My Take: I like Wilson or Earl Thomas here. Both would do great things for the Steelers. I think interior O-line will come later.


19)Atlanta Falcons-

Brandon Graham

DE, Michigan


This is how you stop Drew Brees and take over the Division. Brandon Graham has an elite first step that the Falcons could use on their D-line. His spin move reminds some of Dwight Freeney. John Abraham is getting old. Youth must happen.


My Take: I love it. My back-up selection for them would be Earl Thomas, S, Texas.


20)Houston Texans-

Earl Thomas

S, Texas


Earl Thomas is an instant upgrade to the Texans defense which is slowly becoming a very tough one. Thomas will line up opposite Bernard Pollard and help the Texans slow Manning down. Thomas is young (redhsirt sophomore) but he has a nice ceiling and will turn out to be a great pick for the Texans.


My Take:  I think Thomas is a great value selection. Thomas could be picked much higher in the real draft. Jaguars, Broncos, Dolphins are all possibilities and the Texans should be smitten if Thomas is on the board.


21)Cincinnati Bengals-

Jermaine Gresham

TE, Oklahoma


Cincy gets a productive receiving TE here. Gresham had almost a thousand yards receiving as a junior and was injured as a senior. Carson Palmer gets another weapon to help get attention from the defense. Great Yards After the Catch ability along with great draft value. The Bengals had loads of injuries at the TE position and this talent can create stability with Pro Bowl potential.


My Take: It's a great fit and Palmer will be glad to have Gresham. Gresham has an outside shot at Rookie of the Year (offensive).


22)New England Patriots-

Sean Weatherspoon

OLB, Missouri


The Patriots continue their youth movement thats been in disguise. Weatherspoon adds great talent to the outside and Belicheck can have his defense back to where it should be within a year or two.


My Take: I think Weatherspoon has good value and fits a need here. Smart player with upside that will be solid if he doesn't reach all his potential.


23)Green Bay Packers-

Charles Brown



A young OT with lots of upside for the packers. The Packers have two OT's in their 30s and need some youthful talent on the roster. This pick secures that with not a lot of value lost. Brown could become a fixture to protect Rodgers, which should be a top priority.


My Take: If it's not Brown, it'll be someone else on the line.


24)Philadelphia Eagles-

Mike Iupati,

OG, Idaho


A big, nasty guard to strengthen the line for the Eagles. Iupati will add a lot of weight and a lot of lanes for the run game. They don't want this guy to go to the competition at pick 27.


My Take: This is an Andy Reid kind of guy. He loves the big ones. Iupati is 331 lbs and will cause a lot of problems for the other teams.


25)Baltimore Ravens-

Maurkice Pouncey

C, Florida


The Ravens add the best center in the draft in Pouncey. Matt Birk will be 34 when the season starts and this pick almost makes too much sense. They keep the run game alive and along with it their potential to dominate the ground games of the AFC North.


My Take: You got a young QB, a fantastic run game, and an old center: this keeps all of that alive for many more years. Great Move!


26)Arizona Cardinals-

Jerry Hughes



Hughes becomes part of the rotation that will now feature Joey Porter. Hughes will mostly be a rotation guy, but once he settles into the speed of the pro game, he will turn into an explosive force and anchor the defense for year.


My Take: It makes a lot of sense. It's projecting out. I'm not the biggest fan of converting the ends to backers because you really just don't know what will happen. If it works, it could be gold. If not, they may be a 4-3 in a few years.


27)Dallas Cowboys-

Kareem Jackson

CB, Alabama


Dallas shores up their secondary with a solid pick with this 3-year starter from the National Championship winning Alabama team. Jackson's man coverage skills are bought here with the hope that he can help slow down the high flying Eagles offense. Jackson will eventually replace 31-year old Terrance Newman.


My Take: Best Player Available for sure. Jackson fills a hole and might even be asked to play some safety. The Cowboys allowed over 225 passing yards per game in 2009 (20th best). They claim not to have a need at LT, so this shouldn't be an issue but you never know...Anthony Davis is available and some love him. I do not think his "head is in the game" so to speak. 


28)San Diego Chargers

Terrance Cody

NT, Alabama


Terrance Cody will replace the unimpressive Ian Scott and make it hard for the rest of the division to run. Cody is a massive force in the middle who even blocked kicks last year for the abov-mentioned Championship Crimson Tide. Cody fills a gap (no pun intended) and improves the team.


My Take: I like Cody's play, but I'm concerned about weight fluctuation and I think San Diego may go need drafting and selecting Ryan Matthews here. The RB out of Fresno State. If they keep Cody's weight in line, then they have a good player.

They may wait and get Gerhardt (Stanford RB) or Dixon (Miss State RB). Outisde shot that Jahvid Best (RB Cal) is taken. I just see them taking a pounder before a guy that more resembles finesse style. They do have Darren Sproles.


29)New York Jets

Taylor Mays



Rex Ryan adds some hit power to his defense with Mays. Mays will guard the box and keep backs such as Ray Rice from breaking out. Mays will lay some people out and be that fierce defender that Rex Ryans wants in the back.


My Take: I don't personally like Mays as a prospect. I think he gets lost in coverage. He can't turn his hips as fast as you would like, but he can run in a straight line as fast almost anyone in the NFL and when he gets there he is going to lay you out. If they fix the mental, then they got something. Otherwise, they dont. Here is an interesting thought, Mays adds 15 pounds and plays RushBacker. Who knows what could happen, theres less thinking than at safety.


30)Minnesota Vikings-

Devin McCourty

CB, Rutgers


The Vikings waited long enough and now they add some youth to their secondary. McCourty can play in a backup/nickel role until he is ready to take over for Winfeild, who will be 33 when the season starts.


My Take: I think its a great selection. McCourty could've been taken much earlier. I think he could move to SS if they wanted. He may even be better there.


31)Indianapolis Colts-

Everson Griffon



The Colts add a quality D-lineman in Griffin. Griffon will add some meat on the line and help bring down the stereotype of Colts D-linemen--that they get moved around easy in run situations. The Colts defense allowed 126 yards per game on the ground in 2009. Griffon is the beginning of stopping that.


My Take: Polian is no dummy. Freeney will be 30 and Mathis will be 29 when the season starts. They will still dominate. In two years, when Griffon is ready to dominate, Mathis and Freeney might not be. In the even that they are still dominate, well three dominate DE's is better than 2. Griffon may even be able to add some weight and play DT. He is aggressive and adds some nastiness to the team. He will chase whoever he can. I like this a lot.


32)New Orleans Saints-

Jared Odrick

DT, Penn State


Odrick adds some muscle to the Saints interior D-line. The Saints allowed 122 yards per game on the ground in 2009 and will face great backs all year. Odrick will eventually help slow this down.


My Take: Odrick could've gone earlier in the draft, but he does fit a good positional value for the Saints. Good pick, unless you want a RB (Ryan Matthews, Fresno State) or a RT (Anthony Davis, Rutgers could make this an even better line later on).


I hope you enjoyed this. I put a bunch of work into all this. Now, have at me in the comment section.



Dear Jaguars Fans,

I wrote this as objectively as possible and as much as I want Clausen, I don't see it happening. To add to that, I really do feel Brian Price is either value at 10, or very close. At the very least, I feel that he is close enough that on certain boards, he would be there.

I watched videos for hours on all these players (except CB Kareem Jackson, I had to take Draft Breakdowns word for it) and researched a lot of these teams using (the team sections)

and (they get very opinionated lol)


All the videos I watched were from: and they do an excellent job!


So, if you need some sites, these are great to go along with your normal Jaguar reading and if you are informed on the other teams, please debate with me. I love a good stir of opinions (thats not code for "act like Titan fans"). Voice off, guys.


-Brandon Clark



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