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Hello Everyone,

  My name is Jason, andI am pretty new aroundhere. I tend to be that is more into reading the content of the incredible website that is But today, a day after the conclusion of the 2010 draft, I find it imperative for a Jaguar fan living in NY, not too close to Jacksonville to chime in with his reactions to the draft.

  First of all, as a New Yorker, the location of this franchise means very little to me, so a move to LA is something that does not phase me, and the impact of the picks on ticket sales also does not phase me. Therefore I might be able to see the picks made in a better light than some fans living in Jacksonville.

Round 1:I was dumbstruck by this pick, and was on the verge of crying because of all the players that I had heard of who were available. Then I go on and calm down and look  more into this dude, whose name I had heard, and who I thought would have been a good pickupin the later rounds. Being our first round pic,, I decided to watch some film, and this dude is INCREDIBLE. Also, the mere fact that he is Samoan/Hawaiian is a HUGE plus. Furthermore, the fact that  we have our 0/1 technique in Knighton, getting an explosive/penetrating 3 technique tackle is spectacular for this team. And yes, he was unknown and did not go to school in Florida, but why the hell does that matter?!! I think that Jacksonville fans should realize that a better team is more important than getting in-state players. 

  To conclude my thoughts on this first round, it is time to look at what was in my opinion the stupidest pick of the draft, and that was the 25th pick. Tim Tebow is thankfully not a Jaguar because Josh McDaniels decided to pick Tebow a round and a half too early. But back to Tebow and Jacksonville, that man would have been a curse to Jacksonville, and would have only increased the odds of the Jaguars moving to LA. The expectations for Tebow would have been so much higher than what he can ever become that he would have been destined to fail, and eventually the ticket woes would reappear. Tebow would have been a player who could never have outperformed his expectation, leading to little excitement generated by him. On the other hand, an no-name guy like Alualu can very easily outperform his expectations which would be excellent(agreed this point would only be better if he was picked lower, meaning expectations would be even lower, but the trades just did not materialize) 


Round 2: It was a shame no trade materialized, and Sean Lee would have been a nice pickup at MLB(I think he will be better than McClain) but life sucks sometimes, and you got to live with it.


Round 3:D'Anthony Smith is a pick that I am a bit confused about myself. I had heard and read some decent things about him but I still feel given who was available, better picks could have been made. HOWEVER, and mind you this is the most important thing that I have to say, I, ALONG WITH EVERY SPORTSWRITER IN THE WORLD, AM NOT BEING PAID MONEY TO SCOUT PLAYERS, therefore none of us can claim to know better than Gene and his scouting crew.


Round 4/5:Having no picks was a bummer, however our 5th round, along with getting a 4th rounder next year, more than made up for it. I honestly thin this year's 5th roundwill be looked upon like last year's 3rd round. Getting a situational pass rusher, who the Jaguars ranked only behind 3  DE (all first round picks), in the 5th round is absolutely incredible. Getting Austen Lane, a guy I though could go in the third round, in the 5ht, also is incredible, as it only improves our D-Line rotation.


Round 6: Round 6, funny enough is the round that ticked me off the most. Why the hell do you spend 2 picks on guys who figure to only be kick/punt returners. I have a good feeling these guys could have fallen to UDFA, and we could have gotten some better options with these picks. If I had to look at each pick and choose which one I like more, I would say it is Deji Karim. I do believe that he can eventually become a very solid compliment back to MJD, and I do think he might have some sort of big play ability hidden somewhere(his 7+ YPC last season is hard to ignore regardless of competition level). Even saying all of that, why let Jonathan Dwyer go by. No way in hell, Karim is better than the G-Tech star who was considered by many to be 2nd round talent. But Scotty McGee is one pick I need to be sold on. By later rounds, BPA is not as important, so guys like Tony Pike, and MYRON ROLLE!!!!!!! were better options in my opinion since they are legitimate players that can become superb in a role other than just punt returns.


Concluding Thoughts:

  • Is it just me who finds it hysterical that a guy many thought Al Daivs would reach for at 8 ends up being drafted by Al Davis in the 4th round?
  • I am unbelievably pissed that Myron Rolle is not a Jaguar. When I wrote a few lines up he would have been a better pick, I really meant it. I think his intelligence alone makes him at worst a 5th rounder, and to think he was available in the 6th, given where he was thought of pre-Oxford, is incredible.
  • Next year, a QB will be the first round pick of the Jaguars. However, it will be some very obscure one who no one has heard of, possible out of a college like IUPUI (if they even have a team)
  • Seriously though, I really like next year's QB class, and am already excited about the possibility of one of them coming to the Jaguars
  • Finally, on the topic of Quarterbacks, why not immediately scoop up Jevan Snead?? the guy who many considered the best QB last year had he entered the draft went undrafted. Does it hurt to see how hard it would be to return him to his old self?!!

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