UPDATED: Jaguars Should Avoid QB in Defensive Gold Mine of a Draft.

   Is David Garrard a Top-5(elite) QB? No. Is Jimmy Clausen a Top 5(elite) QB?  History tells use most likely no.  Research prior draft classes. Note the QB busts. That's set aside from quarterbacks that become elite. This is not to say that Clausen is going to be a  bust. It could be unlikely that he will be an elite QB- a true upgrade over Garrard. The success of a 1sr RD QB has been  more-or-less a coin-flip. The Jags simply have many other needs in a deep draft.  

  As for Garrard, he does possess  the ability to make every throw and is very athletic for his position. After Garrard’s 18-3 year,he slumped, but couple that with the following : the Jags suffered injuries and bad Free-Agency acquisitions. They have been rebuilding since then. The Jags previously had a great draft year.The Jags should look to repeat that  with keeping a mindset similar to last year's.


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Last year, the Jag's draft was an offensive success while getting their 2 defensive selections-Derek Cox and Terrence Knighton  to become starters. The Jags should get these talented potential cornerstones some  additional talent around them.


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  In a deep draft like the class of 2010 has to offer, the Jags could remold and deepen their defense by trading back from 10th overall to receive a late 1st Round and an early 2nd Round pick. This would further complement last year’s success as an offensively orientated draft.

 Now with these expectations combined with a defensive mind set. Let's look at the scenarios:

  The Jags do have some good pieces on defense that need talent around them. For example, if the Jags cannot trade their 10th overall pick, it would be wise to avoid Clausen.. As there would be defensive value available.  Assuming S Eric Berry is off the board, it would be wise to select:

 , 5 RB CJ Spiller*, 4 G/C Maurkice Pouncey* 2a S Earl Thomas*,  2b CB Joe Haden* or 1 DT Dan Williams*-Tennessee. In the latter scenario, the Stroud-Henderson- template could be reborn.


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   Pairing Dan Williams with Knighton will go far into doing this. This will also help Derrick Harvey, Quentin Groves and Julius Williams to get free while on their way to the QB.They (Dan Williams and Terrance Knighton) both also offer versatility in the 3-4 at the 3 technique and NT positions. If the Jags want to improve  they need a defense unlike last year’s group-showing a swiss cheese secondary and a pass rush ranking 5th worst of ALL TIME.

  If the Jags can trade back value will be available. In order to assist  former picks of Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves the Jags need a DT to complement 3rd Round stud Terrance Knighton. Brian Price,Tyson Alualu and Torrel Troup(stout and nasty on the field demeanor 3 teq or DT sleeper) are late 1st early 2nd RD gems at the DT position. A pass-rusher is also needed. In the late 1st RD they could address the need by landing Brandon Graham (most active pass rusher in draft class),Jerry Hughes, or Sergio Kindle. The need of a DB is strong as well they could grab the SLEEPER of this years draft. A name which translates to born on Sunday: Akwasi Owusu-Ansah CB out of Div II Indiana(PA).He is this year's version of Derek Cox.




At 6'0 207lbs he has solid measurables paired with great tape and intelligence. He knows how to bait a quaterback. Ansah also has unique talent as a Kick Returner.

  Now, if theJags do trade back, they  (for many reasons)  will be a strongly tempted to take Tim Tebow in the 2nd and possibly late 1st RD.. Here's the deal with Tim Tebow: He has a lot to work on, and at the Senior Bowl, he showed that he has trouble making decisions and dissecting the defense.The  NFL’s 3-4 and higher echelon 4-3 defenses are far more complex than anything seen at the Senior Bowl. Couple this with the fact that he hasn’t thrown intermediate and advanced routes. He is going to have a lot of work ahead of him to be a NFL caliber QB. Yeah, he had a good Pro Day- so did Jamarcus Russell. That being said who doesn't want to see Tebow flourish? He has developed his footwork and throwing motion. A 1st RD or early 2nd RD pick just seems to be to high for that kind of a project.

  So, couple a defensive minded draft with grabbing a WR and/or RB. It will give Garrard talent around him. Also consider an interior o-lineman for the Jags to draft. The Jags  have a lot invested in Garrard, so give him pieces to work with and upgrade our team. He is a good/highly adequate QB- not elite. He must work on decision making and needs to make the CLUTCH PLAY. If he doesn’t pan out, the Jags can still build the team in a way that would allow other QBs to win in.

  To conclude, the Jag’s offense didn’t lose most of the games last year-while the defense ruined the season. Well, it so happens that this year is the deepest defensive draft in a decade.  If the Jags focus on the defense in the draft, it will go a long way into making the Jags a balanced team. There is always next year to draft a QB. This simply is not the draft in which to do so.

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*  available draft prospect ranking

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