Whats more important?

With all the posts recently about the ability of David Garrard to be our QB, and though the last vote showed that 62% of BCC viewers felt David was the man to lead the team next year (at least on opening day), I wonder if the best choice is to go after a DT / DE or if we should complete the build up of the o-line.  I feel David is plenty good of a QB if he works on his mental preparation and we improve the protection he receives.  You may or may not agree, but any QB will benefit from an improved front line.

Bred Meester is 33, and has played in the NFL 10 seasons.  More than one person has suggested that his playing days are nearing an end if not over, and there is no doubt that the position of center is very important.  The questions I pose to you is do we go after Maurkice Pouncy from Florida with our 10th round pick.

Here are my reasons why I think this may not be a bad decision:

1.  We have added some veterans to the D-line with the re-sign of Hayward and the addition of Kampman.  I know neither is a for sure deal, but none the less, they are ours for now.

2.  We have added a new D-line coach in Cullen, and he, in my opinion will help, along with the veterans, to bring Harvey and Groves along much better than the system in the past.

3.  Meester has great experience, and would be a great mentor to Pouncy, who ESPN said this morning claimed would be the first of this Florida group entering the draft to make the Pro Bowl.

4.  There is a strong following in J'ville of Gator fans, and though Pouncy is not the celebrity that Tebow is, maybe it will appease some of the the U of F folks, and unlike Tebow, I think Pouncy would actually help this team right away.

5.  We have one of the best RBs in the league in MJD, and if we give him plenty of holes, he will make the most of them.

I know the theory of BAP, and maybe there are other centers we can catch later in the draft or through other means, but no team is going to be successful without good lines on both sides of the ball.  I am encouraged with the steps the Jags have taken so far on defense in this off season, and merely suggest that this step for the o-line might be a good one.

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