MSW looking good

Every one knows Mike Sims-Walker, looked good last year, but coming into this year's season I think he'll be amazing.  This guy had a few amazing catches, in Mini-Camp, of course it's no pads, but it does show if you got hands.  This is what I have heard, and I beleive what people tell me.  Out of all the receivers MSW was top, following him was Wes Welker, I mean Mike Thomas :D. 



From other BigCatCountry post, made by  Alfie Crow:

 Mike Sims-Walker had the catch of the day early, with a twisting 1-handed grab on the sideline from a pass thrown by David Garrard. He latched on to the ball with his hand and brought it in to his body, and he made it look easy.  Sims-Walker continued to impress all during practice, as he had done in years past.  This season however, is the first time in his NFL career he's coming off a season where he was healthy and able to play all 16 games.


It felt great man. I told them [the Jaguars] before last season, I said no more excuses man. The first couple of years I had all the potential in the world, I was coming to practice being one of the best out here. It never showed up on Sunday though, be it injury, or death, or whatever the case may be. So I don't want no one making excuses for me this year. I just went out there with a clear mind and did it. - Mike Sims-Walker, on getting to camp after an injury free season.


Other receiver notes, on behalf of Alfie Crow:

Some of the other wide receivers stood out, too.  Mike Thomas routinely turned around defensive backs in one-on-one match ups with his superb route running.  Jarett Dillard caught everything in sight, and Kassim Osgood looked pretty good.  The only thing that really stood out with Osgood is that he looks awkward running, almost lumbering.  It's not too bad, because he still shows flashes of speed for his size, but it just looks so unnatural.  Wide receivers coach Todd Monken was working with him heavily on polishing his routes, so that will be something to watch at later camps and in training camp.  Troy Williamson, the pre-season enigma, also looked pretty good. He had an early drop, but after that caught everything thrown to him if he wasn't being shoved to the ground on a deep pass.  That happened twice during the 11x11 drills.  Williamson would be on the verge of breaking free from the coverage as the ball was put into the air and the defensive back took him to the ground both times.  If nothing else, it would have been two easy pass interference calls.

Comment and tell me what you think.   By the way, in MSWs lice chat on friday 12-1 p.m. E.T. he says he thinks he can make the pro bowl this year, and I aggreee with him.  He is definetly breaking 1,00 yards if he stays healthy again.  Hopefully O-Line picks up this year, and we can have a balanced run/pass attack, and D. Garrard has time to throw.  :D

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