Dear Colin

I was commenting on your last article and it got too big... 


read this with an insightful and eager to converse tone: we tend to have good conversations so here goes this one i dont blindly follow any man (or woman) because people fail at life i do, however, agree with all but two Gene Smith personnel decisions 1)not trying to sign Bernard Pollard--i really liked him before we heard of the guy making tackles for the Texans and I still don't understand him not being a Chief, maybe i don't know the whole story.

2)not trying to reduce Big Hens salary You know what these two problems have in common. They cannot be proven. next topic: I know people don't like alualu and DA smith until someone else does but once i looked into alualu, i really like him. His hands are what got me. Fix the rush with an inside guy--thats a great idea. i didnt like Morgan and was hesitant on graham but favored graham over morgan. My BAP at that time was Brian Price, DT, UCLA or Clausen. Clausen, being a QB, might have to be taken off the board. it depends on the franchises plans. QB operates on its own level outside of a simple BAP board. Its a big financial and time commitment and I don't know the franchises plan. that's why i listed Price first. I loved his play and i don't know how he went in the second. maybe im alone here. Alualua seems to be a more violent version of Price and thats another reason i loved the pick once i did my research. DA smith i loved before the draft. I wrote an article about DraftTek's most recent mock draft for the Jaguars. I believe we got him in the 4th or 5th and i loved him by watching him. Big men that can explode out of their stance and penetrate the interior line are so hard to find. That made both of these guys valuable. I loved both the picks.



I just found my old DraftTek article:

Here's my quote on DA Smith from Feb. 10-->

My Take: First of all, WOW that there is video!  Smith seems strong and purposeful in his movements. In the video, you can see him play DE and DT, and as we all know, versatility adds value. Value is what teams are after. I wonder if he will really drop this far. After watching the film, his discipline in containing his gaps is obvious. I want this player, he could be this years Terrance Knighton. He will be on Gene's radar and we may need to take him in round 4 or 5. I would take him over Snead, for what it's worth.

Let me interprate: Snead was drafted by us in the 4th round, which i was not in favor of. My comparison to Knighton was not in style of play, it was merely a no-namer showing up and playing well.


Austen Lane was this years Jarret Dillard/Austin Collie. One of the guys that posts a lot fell in love with a player that at the right round could really help this team and Zoltan got his guy. I was happy with it. I still don't know Lane. I believe you liked Karim. I don't have a problem with it. I like McGee because i don't want thomas doin punts. No extra risk for our most explosive wr. I'm leavin somebody out but its ok. I'll use the "i trust what Gene is doing" line for Lane and McGee (if McGee is what Gene says, then my previous comment applies).


Now, back to your conversation.


Henderson trade value

--It's kind of a maybe. If you run a 3-4 then you may like him as an end, if you runa 4-3 then you will like him to plug the hole (kind of a 3-4 discipline). This type of value and his age add to a back up player/fringe starter. It's just the truth in my eyes. I love the guy but it really is a young mans game (sorry for the cliche phrasing). He and his agent will use his Pro Bowl resume to argue for a high price tag and therein lies the problem. I hope the best for him, but the money at that age will be extremely hard to find. I'd love to see him in Oakland, they seem to have wised up and he could truly help.

Ingram trade value

--has there really been any for two years? Depth would be nice, but the LB position seems addressed. Bosworth and Keiahu (if thats correct) will do good along with Russel Allen, if we even keep that many. I can't honestly say I believe that Ingram would've made the team and that means he would struggle to make other teams as more than a special teams guy.


One more thing, that UDFA someone wrote about recently with a unique name might start with an O or a K seems to be quick and a plugger. so there is the knighton back-up. Why not just sub knighton out on passing downs and keep him fresh, anyway?

Anyway, take care man. I'm not arguing, just talking football and I look forward to your comment. Anyway else can put me in my place as well, if they so desire.



a guy that is about to catch up on Lost

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