What Might Be Wrong With The Jaguars Fan Base





     I tend to somehow agree with a point made by NorthLeft12 on a recent post. "As a Lions fan, we have been Millenized to recognize a bad pick when we see one. It is was hard for us to trust anything that the new GM [Mayhew] does in the draft due to that prior influence".


     I think its whats going on with the jaguars fan base ( former Jags and now Broncos fans). Because of past experiences of bad drafting, media "insult" or disagreement with the picks, (former jags and now Broncos fans) have nothing to say in conversation with friends who are Patriots, Colts, Cowboys, etc. fans who are getting most credit and recognizability of their picks that are media "favored". Therefore, to get the credit and popularity, they must have a reason to be a Jaguar fan. Since the Jaguars didn't give them the reason by drafting Tim Tebow, they must follow him in order to have a some say in the conversation with friends.


     I think that's the problem with Jaguars fans they want a some say with the "BIG BOYS". That's why most don't like Gene Smith because he does not please the fan base and give them enough reason to be Jaguars fan. Vic said it best with the thought that the whole Tim Tebow being passed or drafted by the Jaguars created a cultural divide between Professional football and Collegiate football fans in the Jacksonville Jaguars fan base. Good thing we now know the difference between the two.


     Gene Smith-after the draft said that he's not hear to win a popularity contest. He's hear to win a Super Bowl. With that done, that should at least get you in the talk with the "BIG BOYS". Your question now might be "but what do i say for now?" if that's your question, is your answer. the more Jaguars fans do that, the more we get rid of the dirt in the diamonds.


Those diamonds would be young and future fans like me and other loyal s of this city and its franchise. And the dirt would be those "we ride and fly high when you are recognized, but but but! you fall alone when the spot-light is off" kind of fans (former Jags and now Horses fans).


I apologize to you professional writers that put lots of effort in writing and making BCC a better place for the fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars, for writing this unprofessional article (for the lack of better words). I am just a teenager who's afraid of losing this Franchise because of ignorant and ********** adults fans who can't afford a single season ticket just because they have no in my opinion "unreasonable" reason to be a fan. However is ignorant enough to realize its just a game and a sport of entertainment and to put all personal emotions aside.

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