Vuvuellas at Jaguars Games?

The topic was brought up in a recent ask Vic interview the other day and it got me thinking that althought the vuvuelas can be slightly obnoxious, boy would it be a cool way to insert a bit of home field advantage.  It would be in an essence the terrible towel of pittsburgh, we could even call it a teal trumpet or something of that nature. 

All i know is that sometimes these advertising things can have a big impact on fan attendence.  No i dont propose that inserting these trumpets will necessarily fill the stands, but I think it would keep fans in the stands and it would produce a hell of a home field advantage. 

Picture this: Teal Trumpets blasting every time that Peyton Manning lines up to get the ball, or every time MJD runs in for a big touchdown.

Picture that every single team would fear coming to jacksonville.  It would be like, oh no not jacksonville, i dont want to have to listen to those trumpets.  Its an advantage, and a large distraction and something that the Jaguars could really grab by the "horns".

Not only would it help with keeping fans in, it would certainly bring national attention.  I can almost guarntee NFL Network and ESPN would be all over the Teal Trumpets like the terrible towel.  It would gain national significance and really cast off the thought of the jaguars moving.

And could you imagine if the team started winning games.  The fan base would be reborn.  I can provide witness to this fact.  I live in Maryland, and have watched the growth of the washington capitals.  Of course Ovetchkin is a special player, but the whole ROCK THE RED campaign has really turned washington DC into a hockey town of sorts.  

And as a high school student i can testify to the fact that just a more energetic pumped crowd is much more fun to be in and at.  And, as a high school player, I can also say that a wild ravanging crowd definately boosts performance.  And these are two things the Jaguars need.

So really, if you think about it, the whole Teal Trumpets Idea may be a bit far fetched, but maybe it shouldnt be

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