John Henderson's Contract

I think it's now safe to say that John Henderson was not ever worth a 5th like some reports suggested as such. If he is only worth a 1 mill contract after shopping himself around, it's safe to say that he was not worth anything at a 4 million dollar price tag.

Other notes:

NFL Network is doing their "32 Teams in 32 Days" ranking. And we obviously came in low in the ranking at 24 today, which is a drop from 20th last year. What are your thoughts. I think at the very least it indicates that people know even less about this team than they knew last year. I guess that's what happens with so few prime time game(s?) and such an ugly ending to the season. Curious. Did we get worse at any position?

Who else other than the following should have been ranked below us?

25. Seattle

26. Tampa

27. KC

28. Oakland

29. Buffalo

30. Cleveland

31. Detroit

32. Rams

(I'm going with these teams which are in no particular order: Cincy, Tenn, Den, AZ, Wash, Philly, Carolina, CHI. Which would make us the 16th best team)

This is not NFL news, but it's also the dead zone so I'll take the liberty of talking a bit about college ball: The Utah Utes just joined the PAC-10. Personally as a fan of the PAC, I think this is a bad move. It doesn't bring in a lot of money like OK or TX would. And worse, Utah is a very good team, but no one knows it. When they finally assimilate in a year or 2 they will be spanking some butts. Not a big deal IMO, because they will have earned it, but no one knows that Utah is good. So in essence it will make the whole conference look even worse. And considering how the BCS system is set up, the PAC will continue to be underrated. Personally I would rather hang in games with Texas and let a team like Utah spank butt in the SEC making the national perception closer to being correct. Remember Utah whooped Alabama's butt in the 08 season in an undefeated route to their Sugar Bowl championship. And they finished 4th in the AP in 2004. Yeah I know the PAC wanted Texas, but of course Texas was happy to stay in the Big-12 now that they got their own TV network. I wouldn't have bothered trying to save face by getting Utah and Colorado. Stay with the current 10 and then try it again in the future.(End Rant)

O yeah, Derrick Morgan just got arrested for speeding at about 90mph with a suspended license and he hasn't even looked good in practices so far. Considering how many people ripped the team for not drafting him, that Alualu pick is looking better every day.


Borrowing this from Vito's Twitter. Something I missed on draft weekend:

  1. In 1969 the Pittsburgh press ran a headline "Joe Who?'' after the Steelers selected a defensive tackle with the 4th pick
  2. His name was Joe Greene. You might remember the Coke commericial, the 4 super bowl rings and the Hall of Fame induction

Tyson Aluwho?

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