Amazing and Interesting Stats

1. 56 Safeties missed more tackles than Reggie Nelson did last year. He only had 4 missed tackles all year.


2. According to PFF, Daryl Smith was the most highly rated 43 OLB. That includes players like Brian Cushing, Keith Rivers, Scott Fujita, Clint Session, Chad Greenway….I just realized how undervalued 43 OLB’s are now, since the greater emergence of the 34.


3. Even though Aaron Kampman was out of his comfort zone, he was still the 12th best 34 OLB last year.


4. Terrance Knighton was the 10th rated run stuffer, ranking above players like Haloti Ngata, Casey Hampton, Kris Jenkins, Shaun Rodgers.


5. Only Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was thrown at more than Derek Cox last year, with 112 pass attempts in his direction. 65.2% of those passes were caught. By comparison Brian Williams had 75% completed against him.


6. There were a lot of stats that suggested that Derek has a lot to learn. Let’s just say that.


7. Tim Shaw, an ex-backup LB here was rated as the best special teamer. I never did want to cut him.


8. No WR had more catches with a higher % of completions than Mike Thomas, who caught 81.4% of his targets. (And he only had 1 drop all year.) For comparison, Wes Welker was third overall with 80.4%. That’s significantly higher than players like Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz, and Reggie Wayne who averaged about 67%. Garrard should throw to Thomas more often.


9. In 2009 Mike Thomas and MSW averaged 4.5 and 4.1 YAC/rec. Holt averaged 2.2yds. By comparison, no one in 08 averaged more than 3.8 yds, with Matt Jones and Reggie Williams averaging 3.2 and 1.9 yds, which would have ranked 76th and 109th this year.


10. Eugene Monroe was pretty bad as a pass blocker, especially early in the year. But as a run blocker he rated fairly well and ahead of some fairly good OT’s like Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Duane Brown, Jeff Otah, Michael Roos, Matt Light amongst many others, including our own Britton.(Just because I’ve said it a billions times, the Pitt OL is underrated. As a clue, Willie Colon was rated the best pass blocker in the league. And second place wasn’t even close. 2nd and 3rd were Joe Thomas and Jake Long.)


11. This isn’t a Jag stat, but Drew Brees has the best and 4th best guards in the league in front of him. That’s nice to have, but that’s especially true for a short QB trying to step up in the pocket. The Jags had the 32 and 36 rated guards. Garrard is how.. tall... again?


12. Marcedes Lewis is the 4th rated TE in the league. That’s above many of the best like Dallas Clark, Tony Gonzo, Gates, and Owen Daniels. And he was the second best overall blocker in the league. And he was an above average receiver, ranking above even Vernon Davis.


13. MJD was the second rated RB behind Ray Rice who really helped himself by being a great receiver. MJD was easily the best blocker in the league. And he had the 3rd most yards after contact, ranking behind CJ and Steven Jackson, and before Adrian Peterson.


14. In 2009 we recovered 10 defensive fumbles, which was the median and it really helped in a few games. However in 2008 we only recovered 4!, which is the worst in the NFL since 06. And it was no surprise that we only had 5 wins too.


15. We only had 14 sacks in 09. Yeah yeah yeah, we all knew that. But what’s important is that we look at what kind of turn-arounds we could possibly expect. For instance the Chiefs had a league low 10 sacks in 08; but in 09, with few front 7 personnel changes, the Chiefs improved their sack total to a much more respectable 22 sacks. Using that percentage of increase we shouldn’t be surprised to see an increase to 31 sacks. And considering the upgrades we made to the DL, 40 shouldn’t be out of the question.


15. Now for the surprise ranking of all the Jaguar PFF rankings. David Garrard was the 9th ranked QB in the NFL!

That means better than:

Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Eli, McNabb, Palmer, Romo, M Ryan, and Henne.

You, by you I mean you pessimists, may want to throw that last ranking away. Because you just can’t believe your eyes or PFF for that matter. But if you look at the rankings, most would agree that they are not a complete and utter failure. For the most part, the rankings in general are not far from what most people think aside from Garrard being a little higher than normal and Brady being a little lower than normal. Rivers, Peyton, Rodgers, Brees, Shaub are at the top as expected. And Stafford, Sanchez, Jake Delhomme, Matt Cassell, Orton, Campbell, and Jamarcus are all rated at or near the bottom.


Do you know of any crazy, interesting, or amazing stats?

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