TIME is our biggest enemy, Jaguar fans. Not Gene Smith...TIME = $$$


I truly believe that Gene Smith is taking the right route to build our team into a winner. And as Joe Fisher mentioned in a earlier post here, if Bill Polian signs off on Alualu, then i’m sold on the guy.

Alas, the major issue that many of you don’t argue is TIME. Our Jags will surely become a winner and a division contender in time, but will the team be in California by then? Only Mr. Weaver knows the answer.

The fact that a major portion of our current, former & probaly future roster all have a direct connection to California gives me an uneasy feeling, i tell you. Maybe i’m just a paranoid Jaguar fan who dosen’t want his valued team handed way like an ipod in a pawn shop.

Jack Del Rio, Mike Williams, M. Jones-Drew, Tyson Alualu, newly acquired LB Kirk Morrison, TE Marcedes Lewis, WR Joey Porter, LB Allen Russell, Freddy Keiaho, Torry Holt, and many others in the organization all have or had MAJOR direct ties to California. Now, how opposed do YOU think these California dudes will be to ‘going back home’ and playing in front of the people they love and have families with?

I know many of you will cast me as a ‘paranoid fan’ but we all know that the Jag Front Office looks at location when acquiring players. Just see the post on the immense numbers of Gator players alone the Jaguars have given a chance to wear Black n’ Teal. Nothing wrong with hoping that fans of a college football player will follow him to the Jags and become Jag fans. I see the reasoning there. But that formula has not equated to filling the stadium, so i’m glad Gene Smith is working his a$$ off to keep MY damn team in Jax. God love him.

I’m still not sold (even after 8 seasons) on Jack Del Rio. My loyalty is to the Jaguars, will always be that way, and JDR is our coach. That’s as deep as my emotional ties to our head coach goes. My heart still grimaces at the fact that Tom Coughlin made the history books as a Super Bowl winning coach in New York. As a former football player myself, i can tell Coughlin is an absolute pain in the a$$ as a coach. But i will put up with him and give my right arm to be immoralized as a NFL champion.

Hopefully our current players feel the same way.

Just think about it…even when you die, at your funeral the Pasor will announce you as “Super Bowl-winning John So-and-So”. Once you earn it, it’s your title FOR LIFE.

I see Mr. Weaver’s public comments about never moving this team, and Heaven knows, i want to believe him. But Mr. Weaver diddn’t become Mr. Weaver by sticking with bad financial deals…he would be bankrupt by now if he had.

You know it and i know it.

I watch these little sports short segments on the Jaguars, and the very mention of my favorite team in the world gets me excited and i turn the volume on the tv louder…

Then i find out its one of those dammed “pity” stories where they describe the financial problems with my team, they zoom in on the empty seats, and talk about our franchise like its a sad, floppy-earred puppy in need of adoption (or neutering, or to be put to sleep – what have you). Very rarely do i use bad language on a website, but seeing that fucking pisses me off. Why MY team? Why MY team? I ask over and over again.

Just the mention of my team moving 3000+ miles away makes me sick. I can’t imagine what the fans in other cities that lost NFL franchises felt, and God help it, i don’t wanna know.

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