Madden Talk/ Tim Tribow photos


these are two pictures that really happened and i thought it would be funny to share. I had the Jags and needed a backup QB so i got one with a strong arm. I never noticed the name, until i signed him. HAHA





Like most of my fanposts, this was originally a comment.

I was originally thinking "Madden11, have they fixed it" not "oh goody, more roster updates".

i play on an xbox and i think jon and his ps3 gang will still agree. its not a console debate. just the game


im fed up with madden
i've bought it consecutively for as long as i remember (minus the 2k years)

Since there has been madden talk on this site, ive been doing some reading on gomadden and ign, even a little EA sports.

But its gotten tiring. they don't really update the game. there is no physics engine. NFL 2k5 or whatever year had T.O. on the cover is still a better game. A game that also only cost around 20 or 25 dollars new.

Is anyone else fed up with maddden?

 For all the great sales and the new-and-improved graphics. Superstar--sucks. Online--overshadowed by other EA titles. Cut Scenes-most annoying ever. Did you know that in madden10 you can leap over a fallen defender at or around the first down, clear the line and call no huddle only to have to watch refs decide what happened. If you pay attention to what side of the screen its coming from, you know the answer before they waste time.
There are much more gameply issues that would take too long to really discuss but I'll drop a few--its dead zone anyway

. i.e. if you have a lead in the open field and you're being chased. They don't catch you. You slow down. Or if you run the ball, you found quicksand. Yesterday i was playing and handed the ball off. I-formation on 3rd and 1. My RB gets the ball and just slows down (im holding sprint). Three blocks on the interior o-line are broken all at seperate times before i got halfway to the line. Talent was not an issue in this situation.
Another GP issue--D-line. Yesterday i hit x to leap toward Tom Brady and it was just like real life. He was protected by the laws-that-be. When running full speed a leap normally carries 5 yards at the least on madden10. This particular time, my guy went immediately down. Not forward and down, just down the way he would if a black hole opened up. These problems are not new or rare. They overprice the game and don't fix it.

Now, the real issue. We all on here debate draft and prospects and roster evals along with free agency to such a degree that i would be surprised if none of you played "franchise mode". If you haven't, the mode allows you to play an odd combination of GM/Head Coach/Owner. The only staff you hire is a HC, DC, OC, STC and you middle with free agency, scouting, the draft, and eventually--the season. Pre-season has no effect on anything (see Detriot 2008). Sadly, there is no real player development. You are not allowed to test prospects and when actually drafting, you really can't know what you are getting. If you scout a player, it can be accurate but its more of an educated guess. You choose scouting agents by experience. The more experience, the less reports you get. You can generally start all new reports around the trade deadline (week 6) unless they randomly decide to waste your time. For instance, if you scout a corner, there is no man or zone rating, only awareness and speed and other athletic bits. So, when pressed for the ability to scout more players, one should only look at the necessities and guess off the 40 times. For corner-get awareness. The problem is that awareness may pop up after one week or it may wait ten weeks. There is no standard way of knowing.

Once you find yourself in the draft, more problems ensue. You weren't able to truly scout enough players, so you have to guess. Just hope this doesn't happen: I was playing with the Bucs and Josh Freeman never got good so i decided i would draft my own guy. I waited two or three drafts before the stars aligned and i was able to trade up (top 5 from early 20. this cost me some precious picks) and get the next great thing at QB. His ratings based off the scouting report were similar to this: 95 throw power, 80 awareness and 82 accuracy with 60 speed or so. Thats a damn good rookie! I had a left tackle and a run game. I was so excited. I get him signed to an atrocious (even for real life) deal and off we go. I get to the depth chart and see something like this: Potential--C (oh we will come back to that), throw power--95 (just like it should be), awareness--71 (WTF!!) and my favorite....the accuracy. In madden10, the Quarterback has three levels of judging accuracy: short, medium, and deep. The combined average is their total accuracy. When drafting a scouted QB, all should be included, but they are not, this is the only time that the average is used and its not used well. The new guys average was something like this: Short: 76, Med: 78, Deep: 64. This is not even a second round pick to me anymore. But its fine because i played with him. I can make them better, this isn't rare its just a fact. Through two seasons he was awful. The potential C limited him from ever getting better. He was nearly maxed out!! So I got someone along the likes of Kellen Clemens and played at a pro bowl level consistently. Another problem is if you are able to play great with this terrible QB, his stats still won't improve. I've seen firsthand and heard of this situation: "I got a bad QB but made the pro bowl a few times and set some passing records but he's still not an 80 overall yet, why is that?".

-yeah, Madden. Why is that? Why is the NFL performance-based and Madden not? Its like living in Mel Kipers dream world

Now back to potential. I draft a DT in the top-10 and he has potential B. He starts for 5 years and makes 2 or 3 pro bowls next to albert haynesworth (i was on skins) and never goes over about 84 or 85. Why can't he get better?

I'm scatterbrained, work with me.

Back on the draft, there are two ways to judge the stat you are about to draft. Its not really a person, just a stat. You have not personally played with them and have nothing more than charts and your scouting report. If its not miracuously one the few players you were able to scout, then you have to guess. This can be easy if you find yourself in the 6th or 7th round and decide to draft the TE that runs a 4.35. Thats outstanding!!! If nothing else, he should make the pro bowl on spec teams for tackles or possible returning. This is basically Vernon Davis. Pretty cool for the 6th round, right?

No, this player will have approximately 86 speed. Thats great for a TE but since when did anyone that ran a sub 4.4 have 86 speed?

But back to the drafting: You can gauge how they will be off an unexplained chart. For a QB, it would have THP (throw power), THA (throw accuracy), SPD (speed), and awareness (i forgot the abbreviation). There may even be one more rating in there, but the kicker is that you have to figure all the abbreviations out and there is more info on these players when scouting than when drafting. Anyway, the graphs lie. You really can't trust them. I've been burned so many times by drafting off the unexplained graphs that come from no where. If my QB THP is off the chart (literally) it should not be that it means all-time-high for the player. It should go for all players and where it ranks there. For instance: jay cutlers would be almost maxed out and chad penningtons would be just over half.

The sad thing is that its all worthless if the awareness is low. Don't draft a lineman with a first round grade just because he is good. His awareness may turn out to be a 47 and he will never been good and you will know that immediately.

There should also be positional coaches. I feel the need to add the coaching attributes to certain groups but there isn't enough to even share. This is another oddity of franchise mode: random coaches have attributes while others do not. If they dont have a special attribute, then you have no idea who you are hiring, unless you know they are "good in real life". Well, that doesnt really matter. How good are they on madden? What group do they help the most?


anway, im done. ya'll have at it


I apologize for the length...i was bored.

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