I blame the Rams and/or Bradford and his Agent

Every year its been the same story.. the #1 signs, then the #2, and like dominos they fall. With a few exceptions (Usually those picked in the bottom third or so).

So if Tyson Alualu doesn't make it to camp, I don't see it as a hold out as much as the signing season was delayed. All because the Rams and/or Bradford waited until the 11th hour to sign.

Yet it would also seem that its not always about the agent. Dez Bryant proved if you want to be in camp you will be in camp. He told his agent that was the most important thing, and he signed in a timely manner and is ready for camp. So, I have to say I got a lot more respect for Dez Bryant due to that. Whats really surprising his agent was the same as Crabtrees'.. which proves it's as much the players fault as it is the agents.

Part of me wonders if this wasn't deliberate by the Rams to hold keep the rest of the NFL teams from having thier #1 round pick in the first week of camp. The last three years everyone knew who the top team was picking, and with the exception of this year they were signed on draft day. Why didn't the Rams have Bradford signed on draft day..? But I digress..

In either case, I think this is proof a rookie payscale is in order. Similar to the franchise tag. One where the players salary is based on where they are picked. Then if the player and team can't negotiate a contract before camp the player has to take that number for one year. He is penalized if he holds out and doesn't make it to camp on time. 

It would encourage the team to sign them before camp (or thier rookie can be a free agent in year two) and would encourage the player to sign because he won't make near the money he could by signing a multi-year contract.

I truly hope this is all moot, and we find out Alualu takes the Dez Bryant route and signs before others above him so he can be in camp when he needs to be on Friday.

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