Larry Hart: Jacksonville Jaguars Camp Star

JACKSONVILLE FL - JULY 30: Kommonyan Quaye #98 and Jeremy Navarre #46 of the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first day of Training Camp at EverBank Field on July 30 2010 in Jacksonville Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

After three practices in the hot Florida sun, the clear star so far of the 2010 Jacksonville Jaguars training camp is rookie defensive end Larry Hart.  There were a lot of questions about Hart's size when he was drafted (6-1, 251lbs) out of Central Arkansas.

So far however, that size has done absolutely nothing to damper Larry Hart's performance in rushing the passer. Consistently through the first three practices, Hart has been putting pressure on and getting to the quarterback, no matter who he's lined up against.

Hart not only possesses the quickness to beat tackles off of the line of scrimmage, but tonight he also displayed the ability to power through them. Hart showed an impressive bull rush maneuver that pushed the opposing offensive tackle into quarterback David Garrard. On Friday night, Hart also embarrassed left tackle Jordan Black on an inside swim move. If Black was a river, Hart would have made it to the other side in record time.

One of the reasons the Jaguars drafted Larry Hart was not just for his quickness, but the power in his lower body. Hart's shown the ability to slice through the line and get to the running back in the backfield.  He's a guy who reportedly was able to squat 650 pounds.

In high school.

"I compare myself to Dwight Freeney," Hart told me on my radio show. "I know I haven’t accomplished anything yet, but he’s what I compare myself to and I can be that type of player."

The Jaguars practiced tonight in "half pads", as I like to call it. It wasn't the standard shells, but regular shoulder pads. Even with "half pads", Hart was able to abuse the offensive lineman opposite him.

The Good: Larry Hart

The Bad: The Quarterbacks

None of the quarterbacks have really looked good through the first three days, but they haven't been bad either. David Garrard has been his usual self and Luke McCown has been the same as Garrard or a shade under. Trevor Harris doesn't look like he has much at all to offer, and I really question if he has an NFL quality arm.

The Ugly: Eben Britton

I don't know if it's just because of practice or if this will be a recurring trend, but Eben Britton has been beaten like a drum by both Larry Hart and Derrick Harvey in 11 x 11 drills.

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