Garrard has a Good Day at Camp!!!!

I know it sounds like a children's book title, but Vic has just posted some great news for our starting QB.  Here are a couple of the quotes that jumped out at me:

First from today's Ask Vic column:

"In my opinion, it all comes down to technique and decision-making for Garrard. That’s what he did best in 2007. If he can get back to that level of technical skill and decision-making, then I have no doubt he will produce ’07-like results."

This is part of Vic's response to a question form a self proclaimed Garrard fan asking about David's possible return to 2007 form.  Vic's response seems to run parallel to the comments from Weaver and Del Rio about David not being mentally prepared for the games, but also ties in nicely with Del Rio's quote that Alfie used in his piece yesterday.  If you remember Jack said:

"I talked with him as we finished up and I said, ‘Ok, we’re down here and it’s third‐and‐two and we’re on the 10‐yard line, we should be taking a shot at the end zone right here. But you know what our mentality is, we’re not sure you won’t take a sack and let the clock run out. We’ve got to know that we can trust you to do the right thing in that situation and not take a sack and have a shot at the end zone.’ And he understands that. That’s the next step in terms of growth and him becoming an elite player for us."

As I stated yesterday as a comment in Alfie's post, I saw this as a positive comment by Del Rio about Garrard.  In his words, David now understands. I think it is this understanding that is what Vic is talking about, and what will lead to good decisions.  We have all talked about David having the physical skills, but not making the good mental choices.  Maybe his off season work has prepared him to make these decisions properly and get back to the 2007 form we all know he is capable of.

In Vic's story on today's, "Garrard, Ryan light it up", he speaks of the two QB's trading shot for shot, answering each others great pass with their own great pass.  Last time I checked, Matt Ryan is looked at as a future elite, and it is good to see that David is hanging there with him.  I am curious if this was done with the two tackles still out.

In any event, there was more reported good news.  Vic states that " He (Garrard) was especially sharp in red-zone drills, completing a 20-yard strike to wide receiver Mike Thomas for a touchdown, a 10-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker, and dump passes to Maurice Jones-Drew and Rashad Jennings that scored. The one to Jones-Drew was a nifty underhand shovel pass. Garrard did not throw an incompletion in the red-zone drill."  No incompletions or interceptions in the Red Zone.   That is great news, and ties nicely with Del Rio's comment above from yesterday, and further supports that David is getting it and on track to improving as he goes through camp.

I know most all of you would have read these comments on the Jag's site, but I wanted to share my thoughts on them, and see what you had to say.  I think we established yesterday that two people seeing or reading the same thing can walk away with two very different opinions.  Since none of us, or few of us, can be in Flowery Branch to watch this, we have to take our info from sources that are there.  Right now, I am damn glad Vic is there, and I am glad that David has had a great morning!

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