Jaguars vs Eagles: Winners and Losers

PHILADELPHIA - AUGUST 13: Luke McCown #12 of the Jacksonville Jaguars passes against the Philadelphia Eagles during their preseason game at Lincoln Financial Field on August 13 2010 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

While the Jaguars have been in training camp for three weeks and been practicing in pads for almost two weeks, nothing compares to live game action. Last night was the first real chance for many to show why they deserved to be on the 53 man roster. While there were plenty of simply "OK" or "Meh" performances, there were others who took their opportunity and ran with it. For others, they better hope their performance vs the Dolphins will be much improved.


Deji Karim, KR

Deji was one of the main highlights of the night for the Jags. It's clear he has a rare combination of speed and size that you can't find in many places. Along with KR/PR Scotty McGee, it looks like the Jags offense will have good position to start many of their drives.

Terrance Knighton and Derrick Harvey, DL

Knighton put all of the concerns with his weight to rest last night as he was the Jags most dominant defensive player. Derrick Harvey made one of the first big plays for the Jags, by sacking and stripping Eagles QB Mike Vick. It will be fun to watch the defensive line once Alualu and Kampman are inserted into the line up.

Reggie Nelson, S

Nelson has gotten alot of criticism over the years, but he has come on recently. He made plenty of great tackles that would've resulted in big plays for the opposing offense last year. Let's keep it up Reggie.

Luke "Skywalker" McGowen McCowen McCown, QB

Yes, it is just one game, but what a game it was. His performance has already been discussed ad naseum, so he just gets a token mention here.


Mike Sims-Walker, WR

Granted, I think Garrard laid MSW out to dry on the pass, but the fact remains Mike earned the nickname "I Need A" Walker for a reason. Hopefully the Jaguars staff isn't blowing smoke up our butts about his shoulder not being a serious thing. Outside of Jones-Drew, Sims-Walker is probably the offensive player the Jaguars can least afford to lose.

Don Carey and Derek Cox, CB

Cox was shook by Riley Cooper for a big gain that was just painful to watch. As for Don Carey, why the Jaguars are high on him I'm still not quite sure. He's certainly not going to challenge for a starting spot.

Julius Williams, DE

Williams was fairly ineffective for the RE spot, except for getting called for a Roughing the Passer penalty. He could've been called for one or two more as well.

Trevor Harris, QB

Harris is a BCC favorite, but he didn't look very good at all. Part of it has to be chalked up to jitters, but he was going up against the Eagles 3rd teamers for the most part. As with all of the other players in this category, let's hope he finds a way to redeem himself vs Miami.

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