Thoughts On the "Red Zone" Debate

This does not warrant front page. I am writing this as a fan and not an associate editor.

Let me first state that the evidence strongly supports a valid and justified concern with respect to execution in the Red Zone with Garrard at quarterback. Is it playcalling or is it execution? Is it route running or is it pass protection? Is it a problem with the qb seeing the field or is it good coverage? Those are the questions we should be considering.

I read the evilboy128 vs. Alfie Crow dialogue and it appears that either there is more information than what we saw in the "debate" or that a degree of it is pure subjective interpretation. I literally re-read the piece five times to ensure I was being fair because I didn't want to be labled as "supporting the editors". Three items which bothered me.

1) The red zone question was never answered. 

2) Where was the personal attack by Alfie?

3) Where was it stated that the troll comment was qualified due to disagreement?

I read ruffdaddys fan shot and I agree we should have a modicum of respect. If someone is going to qualify someone as something then the evidence should back it up. I don't believe for one second evilboy128 is a troll. In turn, he never answered Alfie's questions and did nothing more than throw accusations back at him: Unsubstantiated at that.

There will those who like Garrard and those who do not. The discourse on the topic will only work when evidence of opinion is supplied. If someone likes or does not like (X), and the have always done so, continued support of that position does not necessarily make them biased. Either you can deconstruct their position or you can't.

I quit posting at because it litterally became a place for some to flaunt their ego: especially some of the moderators. has never had a quality message board. BCC offered an oasis from the mess.

The point should go to adults as much as it should any "youth" come here. As Jon noted, if you wouldn't say it someone's face, don't type it. No one cares how much of a bad ass you think you are, even if you can back it up. I can assure you that I'm not getting into a bar fight over a disagreement related to a NFL quarterback. If being right is that important to you, go get therapy.

The "Garrard Homer" argument is tired. The "Alfie is biased" argument is tired. If you attack the person you automatically lose. It is akin to envoking the Reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy. Try to think of this site as you're favorite sports, your house or a friend's house. We come here because we enjoy talking football.

I'm off my cross. :)

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