15 hours

Were now only 15 hours away from opening kickoff of the 2010 Jacksonville Jaguars season.  This game is a very important game, as we all know after this game we will have 3 very tough games being against San Diego, Philly, and our best friends the colts.  The Jags can easily go 0-4 if they don't give it there all.  I honestly don't care about Tebow, I just hope when he comes in, he goes backwards. 

For our Jags to beat the broncos there are a several things that will be needed to do. Enjoy.

1. Run the ball...this team as long as it has MJD will be a run the ball first team. 
2. Big Plays...our team needs to make big plays all game not just in the 4th quarter.  
3. Convert...the jags need to convert on third downs, especially when JDR tells them to go for it on 4th.  
4. Special Teams...I know Scotty McGee is out, and Deji is questionable, but we whether Deji plays or not we still need our Special Teams to be good, Mike Thomas is still a very good returner,  our coverage/punt/and field goals should be good for sure. 
5. Stop the run...Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter arn't the best in the league, but they can break for big runs at anytime. 
6. Rush the QB...Kyle Orton has the ability to be a top 10 quarterback, but if you put pressure on hi, he's just another Matt Leinart
7. Pass Coverage...they might not have Brandon Marshall anymore, but players like Eddie Royal and Gaffney can be threats, especially against us. 
8. Dominate the line of scrimmage...On Defense, our line has the edge over the broncos, they have a rookie center and left/right gaurd(not sure which), I think of it this way, if the LG and C double team Knighton, and the unexperienced RG is by himself against Alualu, Alualu will have a great day.  On Offense, our line has less to worry about because Dumervil is on IR, but they still have elite backers back there, that can play just like Elvis. 


MJD 2 TDs, 119 yards, 23 attempts, long 43.
Garrard 1 TD, 251 yards,18/24 completions/attempts, long 39.  
Sims-Walker 1 TD, 93 yards, 8 receptions, long 27.  
Thomas 54 yards, 6 receptions, long 11.
Lewis 65 yards, 4 receptions, long 39. 

Jags Win 24-10.

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