Lets Hope the NFL doesn't repeat the mistakes of the NHL or MLB


I was one of those that pulled a Fan strike in the 90s after the MLB canceled the world series. I have NOT been to a single game since, not have I watched a single game on TV. Not even Minor league. I was a casual fan of the NHL and when they cancelled their season I cancelled my interest. I am a Jaguar fan on the 30/30 plan and you can be assured I will stop paying. As hard as the Jaguars worked to get season ticket holders and raise interest in the team I am sure they wouldn't want to lose that momentum. 

IF (and its a BIG IF in this economy) a stadium is FULL and on average you have 50,000 seats full at $100 thats $5 Million a game.. add to that $5 million on concessions thats $10 million a game. Multiple that by 10 games and the total is $100 Million. Which IS LESS THAN THE SALARY OF THE JAGUARS TEAM TOTAL... Not counting operating costs, etc.. ( )

Last I checked the NFL is a capitalist venture NOT a communist one. The owners have the right to make money on the team. How much more do the players friggin want? They want to be paid fair.. what about the OWNERS of the team and the owner had a right to make money on his investment.. Last I checked teams were not Employee Owned Companies.. 

Thats what the NFLPA IS.. Because lets not forget the NFLPA has rights to brand players.. etc.. etc.. they MADE $115 MILLION LAST year on their own.. and revenue was DOWN.  Lets not forget the money the NFLPA is almost PURE profit. They dont have stadiums, equipment, TV studios, etc.. to maintain.. Heck players like Eli Manning alone made 1.3  MILLION off the NFLPA last year on top of his salary ( ). 

Should the owners get a part of what the NFLPA makes in profit ? I'm sure the NFLPA wouldnt have any of that.

So.. I know it sounds like I am on the Owners side. I am not. 

I feel its neither the owners OR the players causing all this.. its the NFLPA who is run by a bunch of greedy player reps and agents. It comes down to the same reason the rookies get far too much money before they prove they are worth it. The agents and their croonies..  I fully believe they are feeding a line of horse poo to the players for their own interests and to line their pockets and at the same time by keeping them believing the NFLPA using that to try to leverage every single dime they can out of the owners. 

I honestly believe most the players don't know half the story and are being lied to by the NFLPA. Especially the bottom 85% of the NFL roster. Those guys making the NFL minimum and don't see a paycheck from the NFLPA but have to pay into it.  Because when your a player in the top 15% like Eli Manning and MAKING 1.3 Mil from the NFL.. your union dues don't mean much, you bring more to the NFLPA thru your marketing and licensing rights. With the NFLPA wanting to decertify to play games with the rules proves they could care less about  the small players, and this is all about making more money on the backs of the players not FOR the majority of the players.

So in final.. it is my firm belief that both the owners AND the players are getting played by the NFLPA and that they are the problem. I love the decertification idea they are floating. Because they would release all the players. ( )

If it were me.. and I were an owner I would let the NFLPA decertify and disband as a union. Then NOT lock the players out. Offer the players a fair deal post it online for EVERYONE to read.. and come up with their own CBA amongst the teams and owners without any input or deal with the union. To be honest what the TEAMS do cooperatively with each other shouldn't have to go through the NFLPA anyway. 

Don't lock out the players.. let the NFLPA Decertify and then lockout the NFLPA.

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