Scouting the San Diego Chargers

This weekend's opponent is the San Diego Chargers in San Diego. The Jaguars head back to the West Coast where they had two forgettable games last year and hope to keep the momentum going from their win at home versus the Denver Broncos. With the Jaguars next three opponents being the Chargers, Eagles and Colts this game versus the Chargers might be an extremely important game. Here is an in-depth look at the history between these two teams and a preview of the Chargers.

History vs. Chargers:

2003 Season: Chargers @ Jaguars - 27 to 21 Jaguars Win 

  • (JAX) Byron Leftwich: 19 for 28, 336 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TD's
  • (SD) Drew Brees: 24 for 41, 296 Passing Yards, 3 Passing TD's
  • (JAX) Fred Taylor: 27 Carries, 87 yards, 1 TD 
  • (SD) LaDainian Tomlinson: 10 carries, 38 yards
  • (JAX) Jimmy Smith: 8 catches, 137 yards
  • Jaguars Defense: 4 sacks
  • Chargers Defense: 3 sacks


2004 SeasonJaguars @ Chargers - 21 to 24 Chargers Win

  • (JAX) Byron Leftwich: 36 for 54, 357 Passing Yards, 1 Passing TDs, 2 Int's
  • (SD) Drew Brees: 17 for 26, 211 Passing Yards, 2 Passing TDs
  • (JAX) Fred Taylor: 11 carries, 64 yards
  • (SD) LaDainian Tomlinson: 19 carries, 56 yards, 1 TD
  • (SD) Jesse Chatman: 11 carries, 103 yards, 1 TD 
  • (JAX) Jimmy Smith: 8 catches, 113 yards
  • (SD) Antonio Gates: 8 catches,  93 yards, 2 TDs
  • Jaguars Defense: 1 sack
  • Chargers Defense: 3 sacks, 2 Ints

2007 SeasonChargers @ Jaguars - 24 to 17 Jaguars Win

  • (JAX) David Garrard: 15 for 24, 189 Passing yards, 2 Passing TDs
  • (SD) Philip Rivers: 22 for 40, 309 Passing yards, 1 TD, 2 Ints
  • (JAX) Fred Taylor: 20 carries, 85 yards
  • (JAX) Maurice Jones-Drew: 12 carries, 33 yards, 1 TD (And a devastating block on Shawn Merriman) 
  • (SD) LaDainian Tomlinson: 16 carries, 62 yards, 1 TD
  • (JAX) Reggie Williams: 2 catches, 62 yards, 1 TD
  • (JAX) Mercedes Lewis: 1 catch, 1 yard, 1 TD
  • (SD) Chris Chambers: 4 catches, 93 yards
  • Jaguars Defense: 2 Ints

2009 Statistics:

Chargers Rankings#5 Pass Offense, #31 Rushing Offense

      #11 Pass Defense, #20 Rushing Defense

Jaguars Rankings#19 Pass Offense, #10 Rushing Offense

    #27 Pass Defense, #19 Rushing Defense

Overview: Last year the Chargers were a complete passing team with one of worst rushing offenses in the league. Rivers, Gates and Jackson led their team to the 5th ranked passing offense. Based on last years rankings, the Chargers look to have a big day against the Jaguars passing defense while the Jaguars hope to exploit the Chargers only average running defense. Passing game vs. Running game.

Offseason Additions:

Draft Picks: (RB) Ryan Mathews, (LB) Donald Butler, (FS) Darrell Stuckey, (DT) Cam Thomas, (QB) Jonathan Crompton, (TE) Dedrick Epps

Free Agent Signings: (WR) Josh Reed, (TE) Randy McMichael, (CB) Nathan Vasher, (CB) Donald Strickland

Traded For: (WR) Patrick Crayton

Key Loses: (RB) LaDainian Tomlinson, (RB) Michael Bennett, (WR/ST) Kareem Osgood, (CB) Antonio Cromartie, (SS) Kevin Ellison

* (WR)Vincent Jackson is currently suspended

Overview: The Chargers have lost some key players in their high powered offense. They have completely redone their running back position with the subtraction of LT and Bennett then the addition of rookie Ryan Mathews who had a good pre-season. The Chargers are also missing Pro Bowl wide out Vincent Jackson for the beginning of the season which hurts their passing offense. The addition of Patrick Crayton should help bolster a weaken receiving group that is without Jackson, though Crayton did not really play in the opener. The Chargers did try and fix their rushing defense this offseason with the drafting of Butler and Thomas but we will see how much of an impact those 2 can make in their first season. The lose of Antonio Cromartie might also weaken the Chargers quality pass defense. 

Week 1 (Chargers vs. Chiefs) Review:

(Chargers lost 21 - 14)

Chargers Statistics: 

  • (QB) Philip Rivers: 22 for 39, 298 Passing Yards, 2 TDs
  • (RB) Ryan Mathews: 19 carries, 75 yards, 1 Fumble
  • (WR) L. Naanee: 4 catches, 110 yards, 1 TD
  • (WR) M. Floyd: 3 catches, 48 yards
  • (TE) A. Gates: 5 catches, 76 yards, 1 TD
  • Chargers Defense: 1 sack, 3 TFL, 2 QB hits

Recap: In one of the first upsets of the season the Chargers lost to Chiefs on Monday night. The Chargers passing offense seemed pretty much the same considering the loss of Vincent Jackson but it was the Chargers defense and special teams that dropped the ball. Whether the Chargers defensive line has dropped off that much or the Chiefs Offensive line has all of a sudden become a great unit is yet to be determined but nevertheless the Chargers failed to get any pressure on the QB or stop the run. The Chargers entire defense's statistics were 1 sack, 3 TFL, 2 QB put that in prospective, Aaron Kampman's statistics from sunday were 1.5 sacks, 1 TFL, 6 QB hits. Overall the Chargers might need to start worrying about their D line. The Chargers pass defense had a pretty good night, even though they had no turnovers then kept Matt Cassel in check most of the night but then again the Chiefs do not have much in the way of receiving weapons and Matt Cassel is not an elite QB. The Chargers offensive line also gave up 2 sacks and 4 TFLs as well as 5 QB hits. Ryan Mathews had a very average debut with 75 yards but a costly fumble. The Chargers special teams also let up a punt return touchdown which is a good sign for the Jaguars who have an insanely strong special teams this year.  

Jaguars Game Outlook: Based on all the offseason changes to the Chargers, the history and the Chargers first game vs. the Chiefs the Jaguars look to have a lot better chance of beating the Chargers then most people think. The Jaguars have a better pass rush, run offense/defense, special teams, and possibly offensive line. The key to this game is going to be the same as with the Broncos, can the Jaguars pass defense stop or at least contain Philip Rivers. If Rivers can have a great game then the Chargers will probably win this game but if not the Jaguars have a really solid chance to win. The Jaguars should get great field position all day with their special teams, as well as Kampman and Alualu should be putting some serious pressure on Rivers. Based on the huge plays that the Chargers gave up to Jamal Charles on the ground, then Maurice Jones-Drew might be in for a big day as well. I don'y expect the Chargers to generate too much pressure on David Garrard either based on their pass rush against the Chiefs and the Jaguars offensive line play vs. the Broncos. Garrard might end up being able to have quality day as well. I'm not trying to say the Chargers are a bad team all of a sudden, they are a great team, I just think they are in a slump or funk right now that the Jaguars can take advantage of. If the Jaguars can keep up the momentum from the Broncos game and avoid the West Coast curse then then Jaguars might be a lot more favored to win then most people think. 

For good measure watch this to remind you of our last meeting:

Meriman gets unloaded on (via vdtech543)

Check out the Chargers blog at Bolts From The Blue. I wish them the best of luck!

- Kterr

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