How bad is Josh Scobee?


R-E-E-A-L-L-L bad, if you pay any attention to the “experts,” including, sadly, one ESPN writer I enjoy reading and respect. (I’m looking at you, Kuharsky.)

All I ever hear and read about Scobee is “strong leg, touchbacks, not accurate, especially over 40.”

Apparently most of these talkers and writers are too busy talking and writing to do any research on the subject about which they’re supposedly espousing such great knowledge. So I did a good half hour’s worth of work and pass on to them the fruits of my labor so they can speak and write knowledgably the next time they address the subject.

Scobee made 18 of 28 field goal attempts in 2009. His 10 misses AVERAGED 48.5 yards, including a botched 21-yarder in San Fran. Four of those misses were the final plays of the first half and averaged slightly more than 58 yards per attempt. So I think there should be an “Over 40” category and a “Way Over 40” category.


Scobee’s 2009 performance

Date    OPP      FGM-FGA    Made               Missed

9/13     IND      2-3                 24, 48              63@ :03 2nd

9/20     ARI      1-2                 30                    46

9/27     HOU     1-1                 52

10/4     TEN      3-4                 22, 50, 33        55 @ :01 2nd

10/18   STL       1-2                 36                    58 @ :05 2nd

11/8     KC        1-2                 27                    53

11/15   NYJ      1-2                 21                    49

11/22   BUF      1-1                 29

11/29   SF         1-3                 32                    40, 21

12/6     HOU     3-3                 51, 46, 24

12/13   MIA      1-1                 25

12/17   IND      1-2                 50                    57 @ :04 2nd

1/3       CLE      1-2                 47                    43


Statistics don’t lie, but if you’re lazy, you can pretend they mean anything you want them to.

Granted, I didn’t run the same stats for the other 31  (32? 36?) kickers in the league. I’ll leave that to  the “experts.”

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