Pros and Cons of having a losing record.

I know no fans of any football team wants to entertain the prosect of their team having a losing record. Especially us Jaguar fans after an off-season of built up excitement of this team being a better one than last year. But we are three weeks in and the weaknesses of this team have reared their ugly heads and as we all know, help is not on the way. With the way the team has played thus far and looking at the schedule, it appears as if we have a long, hard road in front of us. Coming of a lopsided loss, it's only natural to see the cup half empty rather than half full. So, for the pure fun of speculation, I am going to weigh the pros and cons of what I think will be the outcome should the Jags end up finishing the season less than 8-8. Even though 8-8 should still be considered a losing record, as the expectation was the playoffs or else to some fans.


Well, the obvious pro is having a higher draft picks come next April. Next years draft has been deemed the find a new QB draft. With so many potential NFL QB propects expected to come out, the higher the pick, the more likelihood of Gene getting the guy he wants. It would be good if he could get the guy he wants without having to trade picks away to trade up and get him. Which is exactly what he would have to do if the Jags finish with a record that would give them a pick between 15-19. At this moment their appears to be five teams that will finish with a worst team than the Jags and they are the: 49ers, Panthers, Lions, Browns and Bills. So the Jags should have a pick between 6 and 12. I have said before that the Jags need to get away from having such high picks as the team can't afford the financial burden that comes with high draft picks. That should be lessened after this year though, as I believe Garrard and Harvey will be gone after this year, which will clear up a lot of cap room. Gene has shown that he can find productive players in the later rounds, so higher draft picks hopefully will equate to this team getting better after another draft. Unfortunately, that is the only pro I can think of that can come from having a losing record. *We gave the Saints fourth round pick, which will be a low fourth round pick as they will finish as one of the better teams of the league.


Another long, hard disappointed season endured by the fans. Should this happen, it would come at a time when the team could afford it the least. With all of the built-up excitement from the off-season that translated into a record setting (for the franchise) amount of season tickets sold, this can not bode well for selling tickets next year. Hopefully the team can turn this thing around and avoid blackout at the end of this season, but for the team to start off next year with blackouts, our beloved team might face peril. Another con is the criticism GM Gene is going to face. All he has done to make this team more competive will be overlooked if the team can't put out a competitive showing, which they are failing to do at the moment. Another con is the result it is going to have on the players that we are depending on to get us past these hard times. Mainly, MJD, Sims-Walker, Monroe,Knighton, Kampman, Alualu and Daryl Smith. If the team can't play better around these guys, one can only speculate that it is going to weigh heavily on their confidence. We're seeing what it is doing to Garrard and we don't need the same to happen to them.


Jack Del Rio losing his job. I say this is neutral for two reason. One, with a new direction in personnel, Jack is just getting a chance to show his potential as a coach. He made the most of what he had before and did a commendable job, but now he is being tested early. If the Jags don't get better by the end of this year, he is the one that is going to take fall for it. Him and a couple of other coaches, especially Dirk Koetter the OC. His playcalling is so predictable, I know what they are going to do just by looking at the formation. I understand you want your guy to beat the guy across from him in a one-on-one, but if the game was that simple, a team wouldn't need so many coaches. The other reason it's neutral to me is because if they do bring in coaches, it won't be for two or three years before we know if they are the right decisions as the players adjust to it. If that is the case, us fans, need to be prepared for this team to be middle of the pack for the next few years. It sucks to think about it, but I love this team and I'm ready to wait it out.


There is a lot of football to be played, so it is next to impossible to tell how this is going to turn out. But as I said, if the the first three games are any indication of how this season is going to end, a losing season might be on the horizon. It's not my hope, but no option should be taken out of consideration. These are my pros and cons, what are yours?

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