How to fix the Jaguars in a few easy steps

The Jaguars have truly disappointed us fans by the way losing the past two games by 25 points apiece.  I think I can offer a quick solution to our problems:

1.  Start Vince ManuwaiSeems like an easy decision, but why is he not playing?  Is there some injury thing we don't know?  We need something to jumpstart our run game and I think he is the missing link.  Uche or Smiley can ride the pine.  I know we need pass protection, but Vinny can handle the job.


2.  Fire Mel Tucker and promote Joe Cullen to DC:  Another easy decision.  The fire he has brought to the DL can be spread throughout the defense with this simple move.  The defense played well yesterday except for a few breakdowns.  I think someone with the fire of Cullen can make a difference and add some pride to our defense.


3.  Wayne Weaver and Gene Smith needs to meet with JDR and Koetter.  Both JDR and Koetter need some fire put under their butts.  Simple meeting notes:  Ok guys, we have provided you with all the tools you need to be succesful on offense.  Put up some points, get aggressive or find yourselves without a job.  WE WILL NOT HAVE A GAME LIKE YESTERDAY AGAIN! (Wayne and Gene kick both out of the office).  Maybe the threat of not having a job will stop us from being so predictable on offense and Jack can stop being so passive in his press conferences. 

4.  After meeting with Wayne and Gene, JDR and Koetter meet with Garrard.  Simple meeting notes again:  Ok Dave, you have shown us what you are made of.  You will not be our QB next year.  Whoever we draft will be our QB.  If David knows he will not play for the Jags next year, maybe, just maybe he will play with a little reckless abandon.


5.  Jaguar fans need to buy the rest of the tickets.  We have already done a lot, but selling out the stadium lets the team know we are serious about keeping them around.  Fans can not stop buying tickets even if the product is not the best quality.  We are still 1 out of 32.  Jacksonville is still an elite city!


Here are just a few suggestions.  Anybody want to add to the list? 

Still hoping for the team to play well,


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