Kuharsky misses the point


by Earth to geosynchronous-orbiting satellite

It’s understandable. He has a lot of information to glean through. He (I’m guessing) doesn’t listen to Gene or Jack or Terry or any of the other voices on Jaguars’ radio shows.



What JDR said about “perceived very best” was perfectly clear to me. He was referring to teams, not individual players. The outcome of a football game isn’t as easily determined as looking at a roster.

There are a few of Kuharsky’s separation indices that need to be commented upon, though.

Clark-Lewis: Key West to Bering Strait. That visual sure is colorful. Clark is sunny skies, balmy breezes, soft waves lapping at the shore. Catching rays and enjoying the weather. Marcedes is high winds, brutal seas, bitter cold. Hard work in a difficult environment. Kuharsky fails to understand (or at least state) that there are tight ends, and then there are tight ends. Shannon Sharpe comes to mind, but not in the Marcedes Lewis mold. Lewis plays an entirely different role, and consensus seems to be gathering that no one in the NFL does it better. I'd say the separation is different universes.

Roos-Monroe: Two time zones, but shrinking. I don’t have stats to back up what I’m about to write, but my impression is that the separation is closer to adjacent zip codes. We should find out very soon.

CJ-MJD: 744 total yards -- that resulted in zero more total TDs, and one fewer rushing TD. I’m guessing there was probably a pretty big separation in total blocks, too. Keep your gold teeth and stat line, I want my MJD. Fantasy points mean nothing to me.

Cushing-Smith: Monstrous Pujols home run. Was Pujols on steroids, too? Did Pujols play an entire season fearing he was dying of testicular cancer and just not bother to tell team doctors, coaches, agent, his mom? Or maybe Pujols is a pre-charter member of the “I just train too hard” club. I will say this, though, Pujols probably could have done as good a job covering Zach Miller. We’ll get a good chance to compare their performances starting Sunday. What? Oh, that's right. We have to wait until BC returns from his drug-induced suspension. Then we'll see the real BC.

That’s my perception.

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