Seeing is believing: Scouted players

I have TIVO-ed the ESPN Bowl games and been scouting the NFL prospects in positions I think we need players

(FS-LB-CB-C-QB-WR-G). I used the Optimum Scouting guides to the games to identify who the  NFL ready players were. I watched these players not the games and used the remote to analyse their plays these are my impressions obviously based on one game and a rough look.

Feel free to disagree and post any others you have seen think are worthy of consideration nothing like seeing them for yourselves.

The Format: ROUND - Position - Name - SCHOOL - impression- VERDICT



1st pick- QB Andrew Luck- Stanford – sshh, it’s a secret, but he’s better than Stafford, Bradford etc.

1-2 QB Jake Locker, Washington - prototypical specimen 6ft3in, 230lb, 4.53sec. Runs too hard, his team keeps losing and inaccurate passer. Should be more developed than he is after all this time. Pass.

1-2 QB Cam Newton, Auburn.  -6ft5, 250lb. I saw him play a game before the championship. Good player but Vince Young 2.0 with a worse personality and more character concerns. Pass.

1-2: QB: Ryan Mallet - Arkansas- 6ft6in great arm for a moron, no feel for the game.Can't run. Loses his cool and rumoured to have real character concerns. Loses games, looks like a bust coming.

1-4 QB Christian Ponder, Florida State, - injured. Apparently this is his usual state. Seemed a little laid back and didn't seem a take charge guy. Maybe a bit soft.

QB Pat Devlin, Delaware, 6-3, 225, 4.82 decent all around player. Put 19 points on the board and not to blame at all when his team crumbled. Small school ball isn't as intense as BCU bowls but he looks likely.

2-5 QB Andy Dalton- TCU – 6ft2in, 222lb. Competent game manager. Nothing wrong with that. Tried to run a little was okay. Good decision maker. Was fired up - has ranga red hair - but kept his composure and put the team on his back. Like him at 3 or 4.

2-5 QB Colin Kaepernick, Nevada: positives: 6ft6in, 220lb, 4.4sec, 94mph fastball 10,000 yards passing, 4000yards running. Negatives: Long and slow as molasses release, he's gangly and doesn’t protect the ball or listen to his coach and makes too many excuses. Overrated and over drafted after his upcoming combine.

4-7 QB: Terrell Pryor, Ohio State: Good-ish but up himself. Vince Young-ish.Attitude like Kaepernick.

4-7 QB Tyrod Taylor - V-Tech – Vick with a brain and a conscience. Slower but shiftier, arms good but passing needs work but can buy time in the pocket to give us options. Cool and composed. Only 6ft1in, 195lb.Seems an unflappable, high character guy ie. he's vegetarian.



1-2DE: Cameron Heyward, Ohio State - 6ft5in, 282lb. 4.92secPowerful - gets great penetration, gave100 percent for this TELEVISED GAME and got to Mallet mentally. Tad slow so is he a DE or a DT?

1-3 DE J.J. Watt  -Wisconsin – chunky, tryhard and not a next level player IMO. Gives effort but...

2-7 DE Quentin Coples - North Carolina - 6ft6in, 272lb. 4.82 secs. Very impressive against an admittedly all-rookie Tennessee o-line. Athletic succeeded suspended starters DE Quinn and DT Marvin Austin made 53 tackles and 8.5sacks playing both positions. Good prospect.




1-3 OLB Bruce Carter - North Carolina. 6-3in. 230lb.4.57sec. Injured and didn't play like a lot of Tarheel stars.

1-3 LB Quan Sturdivant- North Carolina. 6ft2in, 230lb. 4.63sec.Decent, athletic, 2-down backer not so good at pass coverage.

1-4 ILB Mark Herzlich- Boston College: 6ft4, 235lb, 4.75sec. Bone cancer.Similar to Foster but has health concerns.

2-4 ILB Tank Carder- TCU. 6ft2in. 237lb. Energetic playmaker and determined. Plays in a 4-2-5 so used to chaos

2-5 ILB Mason Foster - Washington - 6ft4, 240lb, 4.73sec not very instinctive, strong-ish but seems a step behind.

OLB/DE Dontay Moch, Nevada: 4.38sec. Great athlete too small for his current 4-3 DE at 6ft1, 240lb but explosively quick (4.5). 3-4 LB but made some tackles maybe convertible to our scheme.



2-4 CB Rashad ‘Rock’ Carmichael V-Tech. 5ft10, 182lb. You can’t coach speed and he ran 4.26 40yd and 10.55 100m. Up himself a bit but decent in coverage and competitive (vain). That speed is priceless.

 2-4 CB Kendric Burney-  N-Carolina - 5ft9, 190lb. 4.47sec.good corner. Good instincts and intelligent. Not large or lightning but steady.

2-4 S Deunta Williams - N Carolina - 6ft1. 210lb. 4.53. Made a play or two and looked good until ugly foot injury.If fully recovered looks good.

3-5 CB Chimdi Chekwa - Ohio State -5ft11. 190lb. 4.49sec.decent until injured. I jinxed a lot of players. Not the quickest.

1-3 CB Hosely V-Tech (soph) – great close coverage and interception machine, may stay. Next year round1..


1-2 TE DJ Williams, Arkansas. 6ft2in. 250lb.  4.59sec. Short but has soft hands and sharp instincts but will go too early for us in a position we’re covered.

4-7th round WR: Dane Sanzenbacher, Ohio State, 5ft11in, 4.53secs. Catches everything slot receiver and makes plays.


2-5 C Jake Kirkpatrick- TCU-6ft3in, 305lb. 5.15sec. I didn't watch him much at all but I remember I liked him. They were getting swamped by the Badgers and he seemed to be holding the line.

1-2 OT Gabe Carimi- Wisconsin -6ft7in.322lb.5.12sec. Carimi and guard Moffit (below) are a big part of the Badger running game.

3-5 OG John Moffit -Wisconsin -6ft3in.320lb.5.26sec.

1-2 OT Costanzo - Nevada - 6ft7in. 308lb. 5.06sec. Saw him get penalised. He was angry about it. Chop block.

2-4 OT Marcus Cannon- TCU. 6ft5in. 358lb.5.34sec.I don't know how I missed a mound like him but I did.

I may have another look at the o-line candidates in the TCU game  but TBH bowl games aren't the best for linemen. There is so much stunting and OC's running tricks and flicks it's chaotic and not mimetic of NFL at all.

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