What should they do?

Justin Durant, and Kirk Morrison's contracts have expired, there are notable line backers going into Free agency this year.  There are also quite a few line backer prospects in the draft this year.  So I ask you this, what should they do?


There are plenty of things the Jaguars can do.  They can let Durant walk, and sign Morrison.  They can let Morrison walk, and sign Durant.  They can let the both of them walk.  Or they can sign both of them.  In my opinion both should be let go, but if we keep one, it should be Morrison.  He's a leader, and he's decent, while not being injury prone.  


So lets see what they can do.  

Scenario 1

They let Justin Durant walk.  

They can sign any of the following from free agency.

Tamba Hali:

Career Statsmore
Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 Kansas City Chiefs 16 16 52 37 15 14.5 -- 3 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 4
2009 Kansas City Chiefs 16 16 62 46 16 8.5 1 1 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 4
2008 Kansas City Chiefs 15 15 54 43 11 3.0 -- 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 3
2007 Kansas City Chiefs 16 16 58 46 12 7.5 -- 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 2
2006 Kansas City Chiefs 16 16 58 41 17 8.0 -- 1 1 -9 -9.0 -9 0 5
TOTAL 284 213 71 41.5 1 9 1 -9 -- 0 0 18


This guy is a beast, and he will probably want big money, he would be a great fit to our team.  He is in a 3-4 system in Kansas City, but he is more of a 4-3 fit due to his size.  6' 3" 275 lbs, thats almost a DT.  


Chad Greenway:

Career Statsmore
Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 Minnesota Vikings 16 16 144 109 35 1.0 -- 3 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 1
2009 Minnesota Vikings 16 16 99 80 19 0.0 -- 6 3 49 16.3 36 0 1
2008 Minnesota Vikings 16 15 115 86 29 5.5 -- 5 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 3
2007 Minnesota Vikings 16 16 105 78 27 0.0 0 4 2 39 19.5 37T 1 2
2006 Minnesota Vikings 0 0 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 0.0 -- -- --
TOTAL 463 353 110 6.5 0 18 5 88 -- 37 1 7


I would love Gene Smith even more if he signed this guy, 144 tackles? really? WOW, this guy excels at coverage and stuffing the run, he doesn't blitz to often.  


LaMarr Woodley:

Career Statsmore
Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 Pittsburgh Steelers 16 16 50 35 15 10.0 0 5 2 22 11.0 14T 1 3
2009 Pittsburgh Steelers 16 16 62 50 12 13.5 0 5 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 1
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 15 15 60 41 19 11.5 0 2 1 6 6.0 6 0 2
2007 Pittsburgh Steelers 13 0 14 14 0 4.0 -- 0 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 1
TOTAL 186 140 46 39.0 0 12 3 28 -- 14 1 7


Typical 3-4 guy, he is a rush line backer, but could help the team a lot, adding a lot of pressure, and stuffing the run, I'm not sure how he is in coverage.


Ok, so those are notable OLBs becomign free agents, so if Durant walks, which I think he will, Gene may fly any of these guys in.  In my opinion, he would fly Chad Greenway in, and Tamba Hali in, but LaMar Woodley in my opinion wouldn't fit our system to well, he's a typical 3-4 guy, as where Greenway is a established 4-3 OLB, and Hali has experience in both.  


Now they may go after none of these guys, and just try to draft somebody.  There are many notable OLBs in the draft.

Von Miller




2007- 22 tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble

2008- 44tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 3.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles

2009- 48 tackles, 21.5 tackles for loss, 16.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles

2010- 68 tackles, ?? tackles for loss, 11 sacks, ? forces fumbles




When offensive coordinators hear the name Von Miller the immediately think “pressure”.  Miller lives in the offensive backfield piling up both sacks and tackles for loss.  He not only tallies sacks he also forces quarterbacks out of the pocket making for uncomfortable passes.  Miller utilizes his excellent speed to get around offensive tackles and make life miserable for quarterbacks.  He has a great knack for anticipating snap counts and getting off the line quickly.  All of these skills and his great intensity make him a very dangerous player.  Miller greatly benefits from the defensive scheme at Texas A&M where he plays the rush outside linebacker position.  Miller is going to be a hot commodity because of his experience in the 3-4 defensive system.  The fact that he is use to dropping into coverage as well as rushing the passer gives him a leg up on other college players.  Recently teams have been attempting to convert college defensive ends into the 3-4 rush OLB but with Miller no conversion will be necessary.


When watching some film on Miller the first thing I noticed is that he relies too much on his speed rush.  He is going to need to find different pass rushing techniques if he wants to be successful in the NFL.  Offensive coordinators in the NFL are becoming more and more familiar with the 3-4 defense and are developing good game plays for the rush linebackers.  While Miller excels at creating pressure he struggles against the run.  He often over pursues on plays and tries to get around offensive linemen rather than taking them head on.  He needs to be more aggressive and meet linemen in the whole and get off the blocks quicker.  There are also questions about Miller not playing up to better competition.  Some feel that he disappeared in big games against top competition.  He needs to show he can put up these big numbers against the best talent.


I know Californiajag is high on him, and he's very talented at rushing the QB, and covering, but struggles a bit against the run.  I wouldn't mind the Jaguars drafting him.


Akeem Ayers



2008 -  40 tackles, 12 Assisted, 5 TFL, 4 sacks, 3 Passes Defensed, 1 Forced Fumble, and 1 Blocked Punt

2009 – 73 tackles, 21 assisted, 12.5 TFL, 5 sacks, 3 Passes Defensed, 4 INTs, 2 TDs, 2 Forced Fumbles, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 TD

2010 - 68 tackles, 23 assisted, ?? TFL 4 sacks, ? Passes Defensed, 2 INTs


Simply put, Akeem was a beast last season for the Bruins. He is very quick and tracks down ball carriers like a bloodhound. Is very alert and always around the football. Ayers is already big, but he could potentially add 15 pounds, maintain his speed, and play at defensive end full time as a pass rusher. Or he could stay as is and be a very talented SAM in a 4-3 or an Rush OLB in a 3-4. He has put up great numbers so far, but his best football is still ahead of him.


Ayers can have difficulty shedding blocks, but at this level of play his speed can make up for that most of the time. He isn’t the best tackler and tends to throws his body at the ball carrier instead of driving through them. This causes quite a few missed tackles. Because of his speed, he tends to over pursuit plays. How will he handle a leadership role this year?


Akeem Ayers is a junior, and Gene likes senior captains, I doubt he would draft him, but who knows.  


Bruce Carter:


Bruce Carter-OLB- North Carolina

6-3 225lbs Senior


2007- 25 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble

2008- 68 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, 5 sacks, 1 INT

2009- 65 tackles, 7.5 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 1 INT


Bruce Carter is yet another top defensive prospect from the University of North Carolina.  He is an explosive athlete that uses a disciplined approach to the game of football.  He has decent size but good speed.  He uses his speed and athleticism to create pressure in the offensive backfield.  He covers a ton of ground and is threat to make a play form anywhere on the field, which is evident by the 6 blocked kicks he last season.  He would fit nicely as an outside linebacker in the 3-4 defensive scheme because he has the ability to get to the quarterback on a blitz but also is sound when dropping back into coverage.  Carter is a hard working individual and gains praise from his teammates about being a tremendous leader.


At 225lbs there are some concerns about Carter’s ability to play the run in the NFL.  While he has good strength he can sometimes find himself overpowered by bigger offensive linemen.  We mentioned that he is disciplined but he can also be a little slow to diagnose plays and react.  He can get away with this on the college level but will be out position in the pros.

He's way undersized for the NFL, let along the 4-3, he should try to pack on at least 20 lbs.  



Scenario 2

Kirk Morrison walks.  

They can sign any of the following from free agency:

David Harris

Career Statsmore
Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 New York Jets 16 16 99 69 30 3.0 -- 3 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 1
2009 New York Jets 16 16 127 82 45 5.5 -- 3 2 24 12.0 14 0 2
2008 New York Jets 11 11 75 52 23 1.0 -- 1 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0
2007 New York Jets 16 9 127 90 37 5.0 -- 3 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 2
TOTAL 428 293 135 14.5 0 10 2 24 -- 14 0 5


He would make a good MLB for us, he's used to the 3-4 though, so the transition may take a little time, anyway the Jets will probably try to resign him, but they have so many high-dollar players now, some of the good, but not great players may have to be let go, and that may include David Harris.  


Paul Posluszny

Career Statsmore
Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 Buffalo Bills 14 14 151 103 48 2.0 -- 4 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0
2009 Buffalo Bills 12 12 111 88 23 1.0 -- 4 3 20 6.7 17 0 3
2008 Buffalo Bills 16 16 110 87 23 0.0 -- 6 1 9 9.0 9 0 1
2007 Buffalo Bills 3 3 26 17 9 0.0 -- 0 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0
TOTAL 398 295 103 3.0 0 14 4 29 -- 17 0 4


Unbelievable, how do you miss 2 games, and still gert over 150 tackles?  He's another 3-4 ILB, but can make the transition to the 4-3, he's a beast, but he's gotten hurt 2 years in a row, but he plays as hard as he can when he's out there...something we look for.  He's the center of the Bills defense, so they will probably try to re-sign him, but he would probably want to leave the crappy Bills, and play for a team with a chance.  


Barrett Ruud

Career Statsmore
Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles
G GS Comb Total Ast Sck SFTY PDef Int Yds Avg Lng TDs FF
2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 16 120 87 33 2.0 -- 4 1 1 1.0 1 0 2
2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 16 142 107 35 0.0 -- 7 1 23 23.0 21 0 1
2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 16 137 102 35 3.0 -- 6 2 10 5.0 10 0 0
2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 15 15 114 83 31 0.0 -- 3 2 7 3.5 5 0 3
2006 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 5 57 37 20 0.0 -- 0 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0
2005 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 0 17 15 2 0.0 -- 0 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0
TOTAL 587 431 156 5.0 0 20 6 41 -- 21 0 6


He's a great player, in the 4-3 already, and he can make great plays, and plays great all the time, I'm sure the Falcons won't want to let him go, and I'm sure he doesn't want to leave.  He may be getting a ring this year.  


Now they may not go after any of these guys, but there are many notable MLBs in the draft.  


Greg Jones



2007- 78 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 8.5 tackles for loss

2008- 127 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 14 tackles for loss

2009- 154 tackles, 9 sacks, 13.5 tackles for loss


When you look at Greg Jones as an NFL prospect you are immediately drawn to the crazy numbers.  Jones has led his team in tackles since his freshman season.  Last year his 154 tackles were 3rd best in all of College Football.  When you look at his numbers you also notice he makes a lot of plays in the offensive backfield.  Jones is a very instinctive linebacker and he uses those instincts to make plays all over the field.  He has good speed which allows him to cover sideline to sideline.  He has the athletic ability to stick with backs and tight ends in pass coverage.  Overall you cannot overlook the production and experience of Greg Jones.  He will also bring a lot of leadership to your team.


The biggest question mark for Jones is his size.  He is very undersized for an NFL middle linebacker.  At 6-1 228lbs, he may be looking at making a position switch in the NFL.  Some scouts also are concerned that Jones doesn’t have elite speed.   NFL offensive coordinators are masters at finding mismatches and Jones may be exploited.



He's a great player, and I think Gene should draft him, don't let his size scare you, he has packed on muscle, and is now 240, and he's probably still packing on muscle, by the time OTAs roll around, he'll probably be 245-255. Anyway he's a playmaker.  


Kevin Sheppard


Kelvin Sheppard -MLB-LSU

6-3 237lbs Senior


2009-  103 tackles, 8.5 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 INT


Kelvin Sheppard is a tackling machine.  He wraps the ball carrier and drives his legs until he goes down or he gets help.  Has fluid hips to make the drop into coverage.  Does a good job of fighting off trash to get to the point of attack.  Although he didn’t have many sacks, he is a good blitzer.  He hit the QB many times last year and had quite a few tackles for loss.  Emotional leader of one of the top defenses in the SEC.  He plays with heart and gets his team ready to play.


Depending on which team drafts him, whether a 3-4 or 4-3, determines if he needs to add more weight to his frame.   He isn’t the most fleet of foot.  He does occasionally get ushered completely out of the play. He has issues with over pursuing the play, especially when a reverse or bootleg is the play call.  Might have too much swagger for some teams liking.


Has great tools, but could use some great coaching to turn him into a star.  I like him as a 4-3 MLB , that is his best position in my opinion.


He has pretty much duplicated his 09 season, so he will probably be a second round pick.



OK, so what I think should be done is................Jags should let Durant and Morrison walk....we fly in Chad Greenway, and Tamba Hali, make our priority Greenway, and try to get him.  Then for MLB, we try to get Barrett Ruud, if he does in fact leave Atlanta, or Paul Poluszny, or David Harris, if in fact we get none of them...I say we trade back to about about overall pick #23-28, and draft Greg Jones, getting another third round pick in the process.  


So this is what I think...what do you guys think?

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