Jags mock 2.0

I'm using mockingthedraft's new big board(, leave comments about what you think.  


Round 1: Mike Pouncey C/G

Round 2: Andy Dalton QB

Round 3: Casey Matthews LB

Round 4: Mark LeGree FS

Round 4: Kendric Burney CB(from Oakland; Quentin Groves)

Round 5: Curtis Marsh CB

Round 6: Jermale Hines FS(from Cincinnati;Reggie Nelson, I'm assuming were getting a 6th)

Round 6: Chris Culliver CB

Round 7: Mario Harvey MLB(from Green Bay; Anthony Smith)



Mike Pouncey - Meester's replacement, he's a big guy, can play guard or center, were building for the future.  He should rotate with Meester and Manuwai at RG in the 2011 season, and Meester should retire in 2012.

Andy Dalton - Franchise QB, now you have your franchise QB, along with your franchise Center.  He'll sit and develop a year or two, behind Garrard.

Casey Matthews - In my opinion, he's as good as his brother, he can be our future at OLB, I think he should rotate in with Daryl, and our other OLB, whoever that may be.  He is good at everything, he can cover, rush, stuff, hes great.(Dalton and Matthews picks can subject to flip)

Mark LeGree - He's one of the better small-school prospects, and Gene likes small school prospects...future at Free-safety, but I'm expecting Gene to sign a free-agent, I don't want to see a rookie back there, against Kenny, Reggie, or Andre.

Kendric Burney - He's got great speed, but bad size, hes 5'8" and 180 lbs, very small, he's going to have to hit the weights, and build him self up to atleast 188.  Due to his size, he's not good at pressing, but his speed makes up for it, good tackler, good instincts, was suspended, nothing really bad though. 

Curtis Marsh - Tough, good against run, good height, long arms, good speed, quick, team player, but needs to develop, and be polished a little.

Jermale Hines - He's a good run-stopper, but no very quick to cover side-line to side-line, used for specifc downs, like run downs, to come up and support against the run, and special-teams.  

Chris Culliver - Corner/Free Safety, good speed, great athelete, needs to develop proper corner skills though, also good returner.

Mario Harvey - Late round, small school player, great strength, slow, and short(5'11" 1/2), good rotational backer, to come in for specific situations.  


I'm expecting a Free-agent FS and CB to come in.  3 corners, 2 FS, 2 LBs, 1 QB, and 1 C/G, a draft that should solidify our team for 2012 super bowl run.  

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