Jags Mock 3.0

Here's another Jags Mock by me, but a different approach.


Round 1(#24): Jimmy Smith CB(trade with New Orleans, #16 for #24 and #72)

Round 2(#49): Casey Matthews LB

Round 3(#72): Andy Dalton QB

Round 3(#80): Tejay Johnson FS

Round 4(#113): Ben Ijalana OT/G

Round 4(#120): Tim Barnes C

Round 5(#144): Rashad Carmichael CB

Round 6(#162): Ricky Stanzi QB(Reggie Nelson trade;conditional pick)

Round 6(#177): Greg Romeus DE

Round 7(#217): Jordan White WR






Jimmy Smith - Future at corner, good size, good speed, good at wrapping up, athletic, physical at the line, good jam, I think he'll be high on Gene's board, and he'll pull another Alualu, expect not as big of a reach to other teams boards, just by 10-15 picks or so.  

Casey Matthews - Good production, good durability, good coverage skills, quick feet, good size for the position, excellent at shooting gaps, and stuffing the run.  OK speed, and doesn't drive when tackling.

Andy Dalton - Good strength, good accuracy, good leader, good on the run, he's a Gene player.  

Tejay Johnson - Big guy, hard-hitter, but excels at coverage.  

Ben Ijalana - Big guy, quick feet, strong, needs to develop a little, that's why I think he'll be falling to the 4th.  He'll be the future, even if Eben's shoulder is bad, he'll have to stay at RT, because Ijalana isn't ready in my opinion to go and be a starter, but I think he'll sit behind Manuwai, and inevitably be Manuwai's replacement, he's a great run-blocker and this would be a steal.

Tim Barnes - Third best center in the draft, athletic, smart, and can play guard, good againts the pass, good footowrk, sets up quickly, solid awareness, can pull if at guard, good motor, needs to build more muscle.

Rashad Carmichael - High motor, great speed, good in man, and zone coverage, needs to add more weight.

Ricky Stanzi - Another QB, maybe a career back-up, or in Dalton doesn't work out, something to fall on, OK arm, and better accuracy, good frame.

Greg Romeus - Goods, that got badly damaged, his stock fell hard, but Gene may consider it a steal, and take him.   He has so much natural ability, and if he heals succesfully, and is 100% we just got a great player. 

Jordan White - Struggled with injuries early on, but last season stayed healthy, and played great, another practice squad addition, a T.U. project, but no dropsies. 

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