Possible Jaguars first round picks

I can't see the future, and usually I'm not a big fan of all this pre-draft hoopla, but I'm bored...

So here's what I saw when I took the time to look at all the guys the Jaguars might be looking at in the draft.

Adrian Clayborn: looks like the real deal. He is strong enough to get off his blocks, stays low enough to turn the corner, plays the run pretty well. He is one of those hustle guys, who is relentless on every play. He will demand a double team, and with Knighton up front, most teams won't have a guy to spare for him. He needs to get stronger, but is an overall quality guy. He would give Mincey a run for his money as a rookie and might come away with the starting spot at RE when the season rolls around. Four year starter in college.


Julio Jones: Looks good. Not good enough for pick 16 though. IMO if you're gonna take a wideout in the first, he's gotta be a Larry Fitzgerald, especially considering that our receivers right now are 4th round (M80), 3rd round (MSW) and off the scrap heap (Hill). Julio is tall, strong, and has good hands. I just don't see him being worth the pick.

Aldon Smith: I have to give Alfie credit for mentioning this guy. Aldon is a tweener, but an incredibly shifty pass rusher. At 260 he might be a little small to play DE, but just the movement skills the guy possesses are eye-popping. Ideally he'd be a pass rushing OLB on a 3-4 team, but I'm sure the Jags could find something for him to do either at LB or end.

Prince Amukamara: IMO, he'll be gone long before the Jags pick at 16. If he is there, he'll be snapped up in a second. The Jaguars clearly are doing something wrong in the secondary, and getting a top 2 CB in the draft at 16 would be amazing.

Ryan Kerrigan: Strong, quick. Good pass rush skills. Has a spin move and a great first step. Can make plays in the run game. Great inside move. Can really push the pocket with his bull rush. Can't quite seem to turn the corner consistently or close very well. Looks a bit like Harvey in that way. Not as relentless as Clayborn.

Tyron Smith: Great pass blocker. Probably a little too small at only 285. We don't need another tackle, but we all saw what happened when we were stuck with Whimper and Jordan Black.

Jake Locker: This guy makes me shake my head. He's big and can still move well in the pocket. He has a very quick release and seriously, the guy can throw lightning bolts his balls come out so fast. He's definitely a pro QB, because he really has all the physical skills you could  ask for. Still, he manages to make bad decisions often, and misses on his passes, especially deep balls. Lack of performance = no thanks.

My guess is the Jaguars will be looking mostly for a CB or DE, because those are premium positions. There are a couple of home run hitters at RB that are likely to be available, but I think based on what I've seen in terms of highlights I would say draft priority would be: Amukamara, Clayborn, Aldon Smith, Tyron Smith, Kerrigan in that order. My money's on Clayborn. I think I would maybe sneak in Mikel LeShoure aftter Tyron Smith, but my gut says that Gene won't want to get a RB.

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