Best 2010 offseason awards

In 2009 the Jaguars had a fantastic developmental draft finding four starters (DT,LT, RT, CB) and several backups (WR,TE, RB).

This year's best offseason award ie. using the draft, trades and free agency is up for grabs. Potential stars have *, starters are bolded and first backups are italicised. Candidates include:

The Oakland Raiders whose whole draft is on their depth chart.



Rd 1, Pick 8 (8)

McClain, Rolando LB 

Rd 2, Pick 12 (44)

Houston, Lamarr DT 

Rd 3, Pick 5 (69)

Veldheer, Jared OT 

Rd 4, Pick 8 (106)

Campbell, Bruce OT 

Rd 4, Pick 10 (108)

Ford, Jacoby WR

Rd 5, Pick 7 (138)

McFadden, Walter DB 

Rd 6, Pick 21 (190)

Goethel, Travis LB 

Rd 7, Pick 8 (215)

Ware, Jeremy DB 

Rd 7, Pick 44 (251)

Brown, Stevie DB 

The Raiders also jettisoned QB JaLardass Russell and acquired QB Jason Campbell and OLB Kamerion Wimbley and big John Henderson to backup Richard Seymour, they're set to fire coach Cable too. One more offseason like this and they'll be back.

The New England Patriots who wheeled-and-dealed as per usual and have 9 picks - including 2 first and 2 second-  in the upcoming draft to go along with their 12 this year. Bill Belichick also stole oompa loompa RB Danny Woodhead from right under Rex Ryan's nose - he was probably didn't see him down there. They  are rebuilding but could be contenders right away.

Rd 1, Pick 27 (27) McCourty, Devin* CB  Rd 2,

Pick 10 (42) Gronkowski, Rob* TE  Rd 2,

Pick 21 (53) Cunningham, Jermaine DE 

Rd 2, Pick 30 (62) Spikes, Brandon LB 

Rd 3, Pick 26 (90) Price Taylor WR, 

Rd 4, Pick 15 (113) Hernandez, Aaron TE 

Rd 5, Pick 19 (150) Mesko, Zoltan* P 

Rd 6, Pick 36 (205) Larsen, Ted C/OG  (Tampa Bay starter off waivers, one we should have got?)

Rd 7, Pick 1 (208) Welch, Thomas OL 

Rd 7, Pick 40 (247) Deaderick, Brandon DE 

Rd 7, Pick 41 (248) Weston, Kade DT 

Rd 7, Pick 43 (250) Robinson, Zac QB 

Seattle Seahawks resoundingly win the hotly contested NFC West (7-9) while overhauling their whole team. USC obfuscator Pete Carroll, revelling in finally being able to pay his players, cut and pasted a lineup together that was much prettier on paper. The wily magician also pulled rabbits RB Leon Washington and WR Mike Williams* out of his thin air and signed DE Kentwan Balmer off FA.

Player Rd 1, Pick 6 (6) Okung, Russell* OT 

Rd 1, Pick 14 (14) Thomas, Earl* SS 

Rd 2, Pick 28 (60) Tate, Golden WR/RB

 Rd 4, Pick 13 (111) Thurmond, Walter CB 

Rd 4, Pick 29 (127) Wilson, E.J. DE 

Rd 5, Pick 2 (133) Chancellor, Kam FS 

Rd 6, Pick 16 (185) McCoy, Anthony TE (IR)

Rd 7, Pick 29 (236) Davis, Dexter DE 

Rd 7, Pick 38 (245) Konz, Jameson WR 

Kansas City Chiefs new regime with Romeo Crennel at DC, Weiss at OC and Pioli at HC. Decent draft but massive improvement behind the scenes showing on the field.

Rd 1, Pick 5 (5) Berry, Eric* SS 

Rd 2, Pick 4 (36) McCluster, Dexter WR/RB 

Rd 2, Pick 18 (50) Arenas, Javier CB 

Rd 3, Pick 4 (68) Asamoah, Jon OG 

Rd 3, Pick 29 (93) Moeaki, Tony* TE 

Rd 5, Pick 5 (136) Lewis, Kendrick FS 

Rd 5, Pick 11 (142) Sheffield, Cameron DE

Honourable mentions to Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, NY Jets. The Atlanta Falcons were also above average and the 49erd actually drafted decently but failed on the sidelines. However, overall IMHO the winner would be Oakland or NE? What do you think?

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