The three main reasons we lost yesterday......

I, like Alfie, do not like to attack a player after a loss.  I remember form playing that it can be far more harmful than good when done during a game, and after the game, well you can't cry about spilled milk.  I am not going to cry this morning, but I am going to list the three things that better get fixed ASAP.

1.  Lets start out with the obvious fool of the week, Matt Turk.  I do not know which is worse, his kicking ability or his pathetic apathy about his horrible performance.  I always get so mad at people who down NFL football because the feel "no one cares....they only want their pay check".  I think we all know that not to be the case, but I have to agree with them concerning Matt Turk.  He needs to be cleaning out the locker by this afternoon, and gone from this team.


2.  Joe Fisher mentioned this in one of his comments, and he is right but I want to expand on this a bit.  Cecil Shorts III is a liability, not an asset with his current level of play.  Lets start with the opening drive and the pass route across the middle.  For a second week in a row I saw a Jags receiver give up on the route just as Gabbert decides to throw them the ball.  Listen here Jags the complete route you lazy SOBs.  What, have you been hanging out with Matt Turk and all of a sudden don't care anymore?

But Mr. Shorts was not done there.  On the punt from the Bengals in I think the second quarter, he lets a ball fall when there was no one near him.....I mean no one....not within 15 yards or more.  Had he caught it and just fell forward we would have been into Bengal territory.  Simply not acceptable Mr. Shorts....not even close.


3.  I hope this is the past time we need to bring this up.  We can not expect to ever win if we can not complete the very simple center to QB exchange.  It is hard to tell form the seats who was at fault.  It really does not just can't happen again.

The good news is that if any of the three things I have talked about (we won't count Shorts' open drive route because we did get a TD on that series) had not happened, the Jags would have most likely won the game.  Lets look at it:

*Turk all but gave them a TD, or at least a score with his horrendous punt.

*Shorts put the Jags 25 yards further from the end zone with his misjudgment. 

*Had Meester and Gabbert not screwed up, I believe we were on our way to, if not a TD, a field goal to tie the game. 

We have a big time QB.  We have a pretty good defense.  I am really not afraid to watch us play any team because I think we can win.....if we just stop kicking our own ass with stupidity.  A win next weekend will go a long way towards righting this ship, and be thankful the rest of our division is not playing too well either.  We are two games out of the division lead, with 11 more to go.  This can be done, but it needs to start now!

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