Jacksonville Jaguars: 2012 and Beyond

This here is going to be a Jaguars positional breakdown of the future.  We will look at every position and how it looks.

 QB: Obviously Gabbert is the guy.  All the talk about Luck is B.S. We aren't getting the first pick and if we did we would trade for a boatload of draft picks.  McCown is a very good backup, he's a guy who could step in and do OK.  Luke is on a one year deal and I wouldn't be opposed to giving him another one year deal next year.

RB: MJD is our guy.  Again He is here through 2013 and is the face of the franchise.  Rashad Jennings will continue his role of backup next year, and if Deji Karim can get it going again he will be the 3rd back.

FB: Greg Jones is all I have to say.

TE: Marcedes is locked up and looks to be here for a long time.  Zach Miller needs to play better consistently and Zach Potter is a solid blocking TE, but has shown nothing in the passing game.

WR: Here is where it gets exciting.  Mike Thomas will be here through 2014 and is a solid slot or #2 receiver.  He can make plays and (usually) has reliable hands.  Jason Hill is the fast guy who could be used as a #3.  The play yesterday was a great example, if he gets open he makes plays.  Cecil Shorts looks lost, I think the lockout affected him and his learning curve but he simply needs to get better.  Dillard is a guy I think we should keep, he has great hands and is the classic possession receiver.  Chastin West will most likely be gone after next year, (of course the thinking is that they will be getting a #1)

OL:  Monroe is playing well and is the LT of the future.  Rackley is the LG (if he pans out), Meester has maybe 1 more year left.  Center needs to be addressed in the first three rounds of the 2012 draft.  Nwaneri is playing very well at RG and Britton will step in for Whimper when Rackley is ready.

DL: Knighton and Alualu are the future at DT.  DE can be addressed but Mincey is playing very well.  In 2012 a rotation of Kampman, Mincey, Roth, and Lane looks to be a solid one.  

LB:  Poz is playing like a monster and Smith is being Daryl.  Session could improve but is solid.  LB sees no changes for 2012 and remains solid.

CB:  If Cox can stay healthy he will be a above average player.  Middleton is playing well in his place and is a great backup.  Coleman is the perfect nickleback.  Rashaen is getting old but playing well.  I think a CB could be a 3rd or 4th round pick, and we could let him develop under Mathis.

S: Landry and Lowery are playing very well.  Greene is an athlete and looks to improve on coverage.  Prosinski has shown his speed and athleticism and is playing well when he is in.  Isaac has get zero playing time and looks to flourish on special teams.

K: Scobee is as good as it gets.  No problems.

P: Turk is done, bring someone in.  Use a 6th/7th round pick to get a guy with a big leg.

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