who will the jags draft?

this is my first post and im writting it before my next class so if its sloppy my bad

but im curious to see how other jags fans feel about the draft coming up next year. i think its safe to say we are gonna secure a top 7 pick in the upcoming draft and IMO i see three realistic prospects that we will be taking a close look at. we need a number 1 receiver and their are two on the board. we need a DE and there is a dominant end on the board. these are my breakdowns of who i think we will be looking at and tell me what you think

Justin blackmon-WR Oklahoma St. 6-1 210

Pros-good speed, explosive, playmaking ability, decent route runner, stretches the field on a regular basis, adjusts to the ball in the air very well, seems to have the "it" factor from what ive seen, good character hard worker

cons-solid hands but will drop some passes from time to time and has he already maxed out his talent?

breakdown- my personal favorite player in all of football right now i see him as a faster stronger better in every aspect(except hands) ochocinco who for most of his career was a top 7 receiver and a great weapon. i think he would be a great addition to this team

Alshon Jeffery-WR South carolina 6-4 230

pros- GREAT size, not great speed but enough to get by defenders on a regular basis, good solid hands, great leaping ability, deceptively elusive with the ball in his hands, strong run blocker, has red zone threat written all over him on the next level, hasnt maxed out potential with crappy qb play so who know how good he could be with gabbert?

cons-decent speed but isnt very explosive coming off the ball and getting in and out of breaks, sloppy route runner, long strides/slow feet might lead to not being able to get seperation on more advanced routes

breakdown-would be a great addition to the jags has every physical tool you look for in a future great receiver. i haven't heard much about his work ethic so i wont comment on it but if he has the drive i think he could be a phenomenal player. think poor mans calvin johnson(because of the difference in speed)

Quinton Coples-DE North Carolina 6-6 285

****i have not watched alot of north carolina games or a ton of film on him so i am not an expert on his play by any means and if i am wrong or missed anything let me know. im only going off a couple games last year that i watched and what i saw

pros-consistantly doubled and holds point, gets pressure almost every time hes singled, looks to be a very good athlete, strong prototypical DE that can play either side, explosive

cons-no moves, decent motor but doesnt seem to be a player that gives 100 percent every play, doesnt seem to have great speed

breakdown-this is who i think the jags will pick. WR in the top five isnt much value even though its a need unless its jerry rice or calvin johnson. so i think this is the most logical pick. 

i think luck, kirkpatrick and kalil are in the mix too but IMO these are the three guys they will be looking at

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