Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Jaguars are in need of prime-time turnaround | jacksonville.com
The Jaguars play their first prime-time game of the year on Monday night. In recent history, they haven’t been great prime-time players. In fact, the Jaguars are 0-6 in their last six prime-time games. The last time they won one was in 2006, when they beat the New York Giants and former Jaguars head coach Tom Coughlin, 26-10.

Gene Frenette: Jaguars running out of games to help coach Jack Del Rio | jacksonville.com
The players are tired of hearing about the Jaguars’ elephant in the room. It frustrates them that head coach Jack Del Rio bears the brunt of criticism for a 1-5 start, that his job security is at an all-time low. Nobody takes more exception than middle linebacker Paul Posluszny, who plays the same position Del Rio occupied for 11 NFL seasons.

Team Smith built is 1-5, but GM believes Jaguars will 'get on track' | jacksonville.com
Since he took over as the Jaguars' general manager in 2009, Gene Smith has firmly stood by one principle. No matter what outsiders thought of his small-school selections or under-the-radar first-round picks, he was going to trust his work and his staff.

"Arousing from the most profound of slumbers" - Jaguars Game Preview | Jaguars Blog
The Jaguars hope their offense can arouse from the most profound of slumbers Monday night as the Ravens come to Jacksonville for Monday Night Football. With the entire country watching, this will be Blaine Gabbert and company’s chance to support their candidacy for "not worst offense in the NFL". The Jaguars have had trouble moving the ball this season, and the Ravens have been the best in the league at preventing other teams from putting points on the board. Unless the Jaguars’ offense can awaken from the long nap they find themselves in the middle of, this could get ugly. In a year where the Jaguars play what appears to be a brutal schedule, this just might be the best team they face. Take a look at Logan Selbert’s Ravens scouting report to reacclimate yourself with the Ravens’ roster, and let’s dive into this week’s matchups

Fitting in
Mike Sims-Walker said he is ready to play. It’s a good thing, because according to Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio, the veteran wide receiver is going to get his chance. Sims-Walker, who re-signed with the Jaguars after his release from the St. Louis Rams this week, will get an opportunity to play a significant role in the offense Monday, Del Rio said Saturday.

Any day of the week
In these circumstances, Maurice Jones-Drew said the day of the week means little. Jones-Drew, the Jaguars’ two-time Pro Bowl running back, said while playing on Monday Night Football means playing on national television in prime time – and while that makes any game a special game – considering the Jaguars’ circumstances there are bigger issues. The biggest? Getting a victory.

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