New Quarterbacks. Are any of them good?

i was just thinking about the new young quarterbacks in the league and i thought to myself that non of them had eclipsed the "very good" marking yet and idk why? these is just a break down and its something off topic from the jags awesome ass whipping of the ravens(even though i dont really want to get off that topic) but i cant for the life of me figure out why basically every quarterback with the exception of a couple since 2006 are anything but average and im starting to wonder if this is a trend and that good Qbs arent gonna be coming around to often anymore



Vince Young-athletic but cant play QB, bust

Matt leinart- no arm or work ethic leads him outa the league

Jay cutler- decent Qb awesome arm but is he elite or even good? i dont know about that one

Kellen Clemons-yawn

tavaris jackson/charlie whitehurst-as charles barkley would say, turrible




jamarcus russell-need i even say anything?

brady quinn- Career backup, but a good one IMO

Kevin Kolb-lack of offseason and teams fearing rookie qbs couldnt prepare forced his market up to a level it should have never reached and ARI is feeling the sting of such a colossal miscue. hes decent but nothing better

trent edwards-3rd stringer




Matt ryan-the best quarterback in this span by far but still not elite. doesn't seem to have monster games consistently that qbs like aaron rodgers and drew brees do that would move him up into the elite category.

Joe Flacco- OVER RATED. A bad quarterback that has been carried by a dominant ravens D. I've doubted him since he got in the league and it seems people are warming up to the idea that he isn't that good. Jags game for example

Brian Brohm-not good at all

Chad Henne-Good arm but terrible decision making is forcing him out of miami




Matt Staford- The only quarterback that shows flashes that he can be a top 5 quarterback but is always injured. I like him but he isn't elite and probably never will be unless he can STAY HEALTHY

Mark Sanchez-terrible except for in the playoffs when hes just ok. He has got to go for the jets to be elite again he is holding them back

Josh Freeman- Looked great his first couple years. Not so much this year. Bad decision making is his biggest problem the question is is this just a blip this season or is there more poor play to come from josh freeman? i say no but who knows

Pat white- did the michael jordan thing and went to baseball but hes terrible so no one cares

Curtis painter-nothing special leading a horrible team into the dirt to eventually draft his replacement


2010-now these are tentative cuz they havent played that much but you can kind of get an idea


Sam Bradford-always hurt but when hes healthy hes ok. Very overated though. Don't get me wrong hes a good quarterback but he has the joe flacco mark sanchez affect going right now. only time will tell

Tim tebow-you either love him or hate him nothing said will sum up anything so ill just move on

Jimmy clausen-career backup

Colt mccoy- decent player but showing some cracks in his sophmore year which is to be expected but is he the answer in cleveland? i say no but that doesnt matter. he will never be elite


So basically every quarterback the last 5 years have been average with the exception of matt ryan and matt stafford and i have no idea why. Does anybody have any ideas cause i cant come up with one. just hope these odds exclude blaine

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