Looking forward to the Draft: Santa are you Real?

   Hello guys, its time for our pretty much yearly midseason Draft lust to begin. After the despicably, diabolically atrocious offensive showing, I just have to look to see if there will be any hope on our horizon. The truth is that this year has the deepest WR class in a long while, as of this week. Im going to go in depth with the WRs and try to group them up. By my counts there is at least 5 1st round worthy WRs and a plethora of 2nd Round worthy WRs following the first group, which is: (Information mainly from


1st Round                                                                         Description

Alshon Jeffery - S. Carolina                     Good hands, Big, Tall, Productive despite QB changes. Runs around a 4.5 40

Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma St.           Good hands,  Decent Size, playmaker in a pass orientated system, explosive

Micheal Floyd - Notre Dame                    Good hands, Good size, hard to tackle. RED FLAG

Jeff Fuller - Texas A&M                             Big Target, Possession Recievers, needs development, lower ceiling

Juron Criner - Arizona                              Good hands, size, speed but not special at anything. Jack of All Trades


Fringe 1st Round - Fringe 2nd Round

Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma                       Quick and shifty, small squirt-bug with ability to get high YAC

Mohammad Sanu - Rutgers                   Plays for a bad team yet shines, Go to guy, productive, Not big not small. Look here

Dwight Jones - North Carolina              Article by Seahawks SBNation blog, Field Gulls: Here

Nick Toon -Wisconsin                              Hindered by injuries but has potential, Good article: Here

Marquis Maze - Alabama                        Article about Maze


Tall/Big WRs  (6'3+ FT and/or 215+ pounds)

Alshon Jeffery    6'4, 232 lbs

Dwight Jones   6'4, 220 lbs

Juron Criner     6'4, 210 lbs

Micheal Floyd    6'3, 228 lbs

Jeff Fuller           6'3, 215 lbs

Nick Toon           6'3, 212 lbs


Smaller/Shorter/Quicker WRs (6'2 or lower and/or 210 lbs or lower)

Justin Blackmon      6'1,   207 lbs

Ryan Broyles            5'11, 185 lbs

Marquis Maze           5'10, 180 lbs


Here's's rankings of the WRs      This has links to articles about most of players listed.    


Any Questions?

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