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Let me start out by saying that in some ways you might look upon me as being a "Debbie Downer" after reading this post, and to be honest I am being one in some respect, but the truth of the matter is that I find it hard to celebrate much a victory by 14 over this Colts team.

As of late, a big debate has been going on with respect to who is going to be the next Head Coach of this franchise, since it is looking very likely that JDR gets the boot. I, however, am more up in arms over the disgrace that Koetter is when it comes to coordinating this offense and playcalling for this offense. So, I figured why not take a look at the major "players" on this coaching staff and discuss whether we feel they in theory deserve to be on the staff next year.

  1. Head Coach:  the debate has raged on elsewhere on this site, and I am of this opinion that it is time for JDR to go and it is time to bring in new blood for the position, preferably a guy with a more offensive mindset.
  2. Offensive Coordinator: As you can tell above, I am very opposed to this guy having anything to do with this team next year. I am confused by his playcalling more often than not, and would like to see someone new come in and "shake things up" over what is currently in place under Koetter.
  3. Defensive Coordinator: I love me my Mel Tucker. I was not a believer in the past, but it is apparent it was the lack of talent that prevented me from seeing the talented coach that Tucker is. I definitely see him as being worthy of having a long tenure with this team.
  4. Special Teams Coordinator: Parnell has shown that he can field an excellent unit, so I think that the dropoff this year in ST production is less meaningful in asessing whether Parnell deserves to stay. Personally, I think he is more than alright, and I think that with a new punter and more experience for some of the younger ST guys, this unit will improve in 2012 and beyond.
  5. QB Coach: Just look at Mike "WR Coach" Shepperd's name and you can understand why he has no place as a QB coach in Jacksonville.
  6. WR Coach: the WRs have not been great in Jacksonville for a real long time. Is it fully attributable to lack of talent, or can some of the blame be put on the WR coach? To be honest, I do not know much about Johnny Cox, but I feel like along with new blood at the position, new blood at the WR coach position is in order for 2012.
  7. Defensive Line Coach: As late as 2 or 3 weeks ago, i would have said that Cullen has been nice, but still he should not be brought back. Then, today, it suddenly dawned on me that this unit is better than I actually realized, and that with some more time and maybe a "stud pass rushing DE" this unit could be pretty scary. I think Cullen deserves to stay and see through the development of his "Rushmen"
  8. RB Coach: With a healthy Jennings, the tandem of MJD and Jennings is definitely respectable. Last year they showed that, and nothing really leads me to believe that Byner is hindering them in any way. I definitely cannot say bringing Byner back would upset me in any way.
  9. TE Coach: Other than Marcedes, who happens to be sucking it up bigtime this season, the Jags have not had a great group of Tight Ends. Is Boras to blame?! I have no idea, and so this is one position that I do not know enough about to have any significant opinion with regard to the coach.
  10. Linebacker Coach: Duffner has done a very nice job for as long as I can remember with the talent at LB each year. I like him and definitely would like to see him on this team's coaching staff in the future.
  11. Offensive Line Coach: I have not liked Heck for the past couple of years. I feel like much better could be had at this coaching position, and would ideally like to see someone new come 2012.
  12. Defensive Backs Coach: Undlin seems to me to be alright at what he does, but similar to TE coach, I feel like I am not well enough informed on him and the particulars of his job to have a relevant opinion about his future with this team.
Your thoughts?Who would you like to see in the various coaching positions some 2012?

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